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The Chesterfield

A renovated classic Original from the s. XIX, the Chesterfield is a sofa that will give a strong personality to your living room. Made in a traditional way, they stand out for their low backrest (about 75 cm), soft look, upholstery and volute armrests.

Less is more in small rooms, it is better to opt for a two-seater sofa, and complete it with armchairs or poufs, not to press a larger one that does not breathe and alter the space too much. Remember that the ideal is that the sofa measures about 90 cm less than the wall that will receive it.

IN “L”

If you distribute two sofas at an angle, it is best to bring the largest one closer to the wall and reserve the smallest one for the side. With this, you leave more free space to move comfortably.

You can plan it according to space with which you count, taking advantage of every inch. It is a cheaper option than a conventional sofa and you can customize the seats and backrest to your liking.


It is a long chair, as its name suggests. It is a sofa with an extension to support the legs and keep them fully stretched. It can be individual or complement a sofa as an auxiliary seat. It is a good choice for rectangular and narrow rooms. They usually follow a modern aesthetic.

They are perfect to save a corner and reconvert that space, with two sofas in “L”, would be wasted, in extra seats.


It is literally a two in one: sofa + chaise longue. And a very practical option to combine several functions in one piece. However, these are sofas larger than conventional sofas (minimum of 250 cm), so the meters count.


They are the most successful for rooms of irregular shape and small rooms. They are divided into pieces that can be placed to suit each one or put and remove when necessary. The modules can be of many types, with or without arms, backrest, with puffs …




It is a multifunction sofa, it serves as a seat for the day and as a bed at night. Perfect for small houses where you need an extra room. The sofa beds are perfect for large houses, usually when you do not have an extra room, can be used as a bed when necessary for visitors or guests.

The best thing about them is that their design does not interfere with their functionality, they can easily adapt to the design of any room and they are very quick to arm and disarm.

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