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In the test to distinguish the origin of the sofa, we find data that associate it with the thrones used in antiquity by the Arab characters or the seats built in Ancient Egypt. However, a version more similar to the recent one is located in classical Roman or Greek society, with the construction of furniture from a simply useful view, in which a structure equipped with seat and backrest and arranged around a table would do the job of the seat where men rested while eating.

The progress of the modern version of the sofa can proceed in the late sixteenth century, where ancient craftsmen developed simple frames of wood or marble that were covered with natural materials such as fine silks, horse hair or bird feathers. Along with the techniques of embroidery of the time and the use of velvet or patterned leathers, a soft seat surface was made. Its high monetary price meant that this piece of furniture was considered a luxury item owned by the upper class, very associated with the idea of ​​drinking coffee or tea. In this way, the construction of this furniture, conceived in its origins from a simply materialistic vision, evolves towards a palpable decorative tendency.

With the arrival of the industrialization era and the consequent development of new techniques and materials that allowed to build this type of furniture in greater quantities and at affordable prices, the sofa extended into society, becoming an essential acquisition in the classrooms medium or low. These begin to be built with foams, synthetic materials, feathers or hybrid fillings, in addition to being upholstered with fabrics or skins treated with new manufacturing techniques. We can highlight the evolution of the arms, the extension of the sitting surface or the use of accessories such as cushions, marking a change of trend towards the search for comfort and utility as a resting piece of furniture.

A sofa is a piece of furniture used to sleep and sit comfortably more than one person. A typical sofa accommodates two to three people and has armrests on both sides. There is some similar furniture, for example the most popular include the couch, the chaise longue, the canape or the ottoman. Also, to save space, some open to form a bed as is the case with the sofa bed or futon.

The sofa is undoubtedly one of our favorite furniture. And it is not by chance, since much of the time we spend at home, is precisely sitting or reclining comfortably in it.

With friends, couple, family and even with our pets, the sofa has become much more than a simple piece of furniture, as it allows us to enjoy experiences, confidences and great moments.

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