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Contemporary sofas: how to fuse modernity and elegance

The comfortable sophistication of modern sofas becomes the most fun and delicate part of the whole house. Comfort, versatility, and finesse hide the key concepts behind the making of this kind of furniture, which invite its owners to the satisfaction of lethargy only for a while, or all day.

In contemporary sofas, there is a lack of charm; they are occasionally the expression of a person’s personality, a family reduced to ergonomics, the soft and delicate curves of its design. With them, bringing volume and harmony is almost something for granted.

However, although the sofa is proclaimed king of the room, the elements that surround his matter as much or more. Without complements, the furniture is lost between mists and mists of space, resulting in unwelcome to the eye.

Now, to encourage decoration when you have a contemporary sofa does not mean that recharging the rooms is a good idea. In interior design, oriented from any style-rustic, chic, elegant, modern-you must maintain a balance of colors, textures, and shapes.

In that sense, some alternatives are presented to provide a room of elegance and modernity with a contemporary piece of furniture.

The remainder of the L-shaped sofas

This model of furniture is, perhaps, the most quoted in the furniture stores. For its ability to adjust and ergonomics, people include it in decoration quite often.

In this sense, the ideas to accompany this sofa reverberate on the Internet, extending in shapes and colors that, although they can be characterized as different, do not lose the sense of the contemporary.

The sofas in L give freedom to play with drawers, side tables, and lamps. However, to melt these three elements in a single room, it is advisable to make a piece of furniture with white or pastel tones.

Why? Simply, dark colors take up space and, with the exception of black, are more difficult to combine than brighter colors. The white, beige or light brown not only relates to elegance but is essential to creating harmonious spaces.

Armchairs and chairs

Previously, the auxiliary chairs were a fundamental part of the decoration. This trend, although decimated in modern spaces, comes back to life little by little with squared backs, armrests and giant cushions that emulate, in some way, the function of the armchairs of a square.

As far as these chairs are concerned, it is strongly recommended to buy them in clear tones, since their dimensions -although they do not exceed the size of a sofa- could visually reduce space inside a room.


Leather: the daring touch

Sofas made of leather do not represent a novelty too close. However, the movable companies knew how to evolve the design of furniture with this material to create modernity and glimpse a rockier, daring and chic version, bases of the contemporaneity.

In that sense, leather sofas abound in the market. How to know which belong to the time? Easy! In general, the new structures of this furniture are rectangular, leaning to the corner furniture and cushions of the same material.

Likewise, this style of sofa is characterized by its wide armrests and being, on multiple occasions, the raw material for individual armchairs in which any person stretches freely during their free time.


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