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If you are thinking of renovating the interior of your home, adding an undying and distinctive touch, rest assured that a Colchester sofa is the ideal choice for you. Its special characteristics are synonymous with comfort at its best, whether it is to enjoy your favorite reading or to start that unforgettable conversation with a glass of good wine in your hand. It can be said, without fear of being wrong, that a house is not a home without a beautiful and striking sofa. Whatever the decoration, whatever the size of the room, there is a Colchester for each type of person.

Although it is an expensive piece of furniture, over the years your investment will be rewarded by owning a collector’s item that you will be proud to pass on to the next generation. The reason why its acquisition constitutes a remarkable investment is due to the fact that its elaboration is made to measure by means of centuries-old techniques developed by the best British artisans. As a result of this work, we obtain high-quality sofas, in a range of fabulous fabrics, designs and all the colors and styles you can imagine, with the option of replaceable covers. In addition, the sliding cover of the Colchester sofa is available in a wide range of colorful linen fabrics. What constitutes strength for its adaptation to the temperament and taste of each client? Its seat base is made of a combination of feathers and down wrapped around a foam core for additional support and the back cushions are a mixture of feathers and down to offer the greatest comfort imaginable.

What are the recommendations and advantages of buying a leather sofa?

The clean and simple lines of the Colchester sofa reflect a freshness that will enhance the decoration of your living room. Its comfortable and firm seat cushions provide an optimal level of support and comfort. Among the wide range of upholstered furniture, for its coquettish capitoné is a fundamental characteristic of its beauty. Some furniture speak for themselves, they do not need presentation and almost everyone sighs to have them in our house since we know that by themselves they are capable of decorating any area. This piece of furniture that will be the focal point of the place where it is located is easy to maintain, although it’s periodic maintenance must not be neglected, consisting of vacuum, dry brushing and, in the case of leather, using a cloth moistened with linseed oil and vinegar. Do not forget to remove any excess moisture with a dry cloth which will highlight the nobility and shine of your finishes.

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