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The sofas are that piece of the house that brings many of us down the street of bitterness as far as cleaning is concerned. When we buy them in the store they are so beautiful and so clean that when you get home you doubt whether to put them on or off and of course at the first spot all are doubts since the cleaning of the sofas can become a nightmare if you do not do well.

In this article, we will share some tricks for cleaning sofas and keep them clean as long as possible so that they are always fresh from the establishment. Of course, the easiest to clean are the removable covers because putting the cover in the washing machine or washing it by hand if it is very delicate we would have much of the work done.

For cleaning sofas with fabric upholstery, it would suffice to vacuum once a week for all its parts, so that the dust does not accumulate on it, if the fabric is delicate, it is best to put the vacuum cleaner in a cycle that is smooth and with the head indicated for upholstery to avoid damaging it with this procedure.

You should treat immediately any spots that may arise. The surface stains can be removed with a damp cloth very drained although you must be careful because of certain cotton and wool upholstery fade when wet, it is very important to clean sofas at the time of the spill of any substance.

Some fabrics allow being treated with steam machines but the ideal thing to do when cleaning sofas are to consult with the manufacturer if this is possible since the improper application of steam it may end up in a faded or damaged fabric due to high temperatures. Generally, sofas have a label like those on clothes with instructions to wash between the cushions.

Spot cleaning of fabric sofas

If something spills on the sofa, the first thing to do is to try cleaning by absorbing the stain (which will usually be something liquid or viscous) by putting on it something like a sponge or a cloth but without moving it. If the stain is greasy, it will absorb salt or chalk better.

When most of it has been absorbed, it is time to treat the stain. If you do not have a dry cleaning, which would be ideal for successful cleaning of sofas, you can try detergent and a damp cloth if the sofa is not very delicate. Remember that it is better to apply the cloth gently than to rub.

Remember that if you are going to try a new washing product on the sofa and you are not sure if it is going to go well because it is not recommended by the manufacturer, it is best to do a test in a part that looks lesser, like behind or below if you have excess cloth. Cleaning fabric sofas do not have to be difficult, and you can always try a professional upholstery cleaning service if you do not dare alone.

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