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If you are considering purchasing a piece of furniture for your living room, a Chesterfield sofa is the right choice for you. This famous piece of furniture often referred to by the diminutive of Chester, is a well-known jewel of the classic English style that thrills interior designers and, in general, lovers of good decoration with its solid presence.

Frequently associated with luxury and with great historical roots, the Chesterfield sofa is really quintessential of traditional English design. Its origin dates back to the seventeenth century as it is commonly considered that its creator or inspirer was Philip Stanhope, fourth Earl of Chesterfield, who commissioned a prestigious cabinetmaker to design a sofa that would allow his comrades from high society to sit in select clubs with the completely straight back, thus avoiding inappropriate movements and rough behaviors for such noble lords. Thus was born this piece of cabinetmaking, with its distinctive leather upholstery and deep buttoning that now describes a deep buttoned sofa, usually made of leather, with arms and backrest of the same height.

What are the recommendations and advantages of acquiring a Chesterfield sofa?

The Chesterfield sofa is a transcendental acquisition that will remain in your family through different generations, because its beautiful leather upholstery acquires, over the years, the indisputable design that gives it daily use, either during an afternoon enjoying tea or with the pleasant conversations around the topics that interest each member of your family. It could be said that the noble materials of its work capture the magic of every moment as its ages with the grace of an ancient tree.

But if you lean towards a more contemporary style, there’s no problem, the Chesterfield endearing design seems created for a variable range of tones and ultra contemporary finishes in terms of prints and colors that is not at odds with its traditional essence and classic. In addition, its frame in solid pine wood covered with polyurethane of various densities and its legs in varnished beech wood guarantee durability against continuous use. The suspension of its seat is of springs with elastic bands of high resistance that surprise by their ergonomic characteristics to the lucky one that sits down to rest on its curves. As if those characteristics were not enough, their seat cushions take shape thanks to the polyurethane foam, covered with the fiber of 350 grs.

Like any piece of leather, its care is extremely simple but it must be constant to ensure its durability and highlight the remarkable characteristics that we have previously described. To do this you should review with a cloth slightly moistened with water all its surface (weekly) and for a deep maintenance (once a year), we recommend the application of white vinegar and linseed oil in equal parts which should be preceded by a dry cloth that will remove excess liquid and enhance the brightness of the first day of its release.

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