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Chester sofa: an English icon that stays with the years

Chesterfield furniture has been a heritage of the United Kingdom for centuries. The classic style, mixed with the rusticity of the wood, the sobriety of the buttons and the leather that covers its facade, makes it one of the sofas of transcendence inside and outside the country.

Although the Chester dates back to a fairly traditional time, the time has been able to reward them with avant-garde designs that maintain the original essence and simultaneously add a modern touch.

How can people choose between such varieties? Paying attention to the following recommendations, to begin with!

Keep style above all things

A Chesterfield sofa, with its splendor and manufacturing details, is not designed for all spaces. In fact, a bad combination brings disastrous problems in the visual field if you try to join with too modern elements.

According to the above, the most feasible -especially if it is a brown sofa-, surround the wooden spaces with related tones and resort to subtle ornaments. Also, on the recommendation of design specialists, a Chester should be located in a warmly lit room. Otherwise, it can become a rather dreary piece of furniture.

What you should not forget when buying a sofa of this style is that, above all things, you must harmonize. If not, the investment will have been in vain.

Try light colors

When people go in search of a Chesterfield, they usually stick to a maxim: if it is not brown, I do not want it.

This restriction is valid when respecting the standards for this furniture. However, neither in decoration-nor in another aspect of life-extremes are healthy.

When you want to buy a sofa that in its original state does not match the rest of the decoration, you can always choose to search among the variety. In the case of Chesterfield furniture, they handle the tendency of light colors to the dose that severity that seems never to be detached from them.

Clarifying the tones broadens the possibilities, but it must also be considered that one thing must compensate another; and in light or dark colors, the style must be maintained yes or yes.

Monochromes: infallible strategies

If someone tries to recharge a brightly colored room and place a Chesterfield in the middle of the room, it is breaking with a harmony scheme that is too highly valued in interior design.

With the advice of monochrome people are not forced to stick to black or white, but to maintain a relationship in the palette of cool colors. A Chesterfield with orange cushions? Maybe it’s time to reorder the vision and be encouraged by something that works, a magic formula that, in the hands of the monochromatic, never fails.

Chesterfield is Chesterfield

This section can be snobby in the eyes of many, but for those who truly appreciate the style of interior decoration, they know that money and brands have nothing to do with building a beautiful, harmonious and welcoming space.

Having the presence of a Chesterfield, expensive or cheap, facilitates everything that will surround the rest of the room. It is, after all, an emblematic sofa, with history, class, and personality.


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