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A new sofa? You have to pay attention to these characteristics!

The majority of questions that revolve around the acquisition of a new sofa, have to do with the dimensions, colors, and styles. Each one with a higher degree of importance, However, according to the criteria of specialists in the art of decoration, there are qualities that go beyond what it measures, what it weighs or how a piece of furniture is seen in the confines of the room.

This opinion leads to a hateful but relevant conclusion: with so many ideas and advice on the web, how can things go wrong? One must lack the sense of harmony to end up with a space that no one likes.

Fortunately, the panic should not spread when there are the following tips to pay attention and achieve the goal: to create a pleasant, comfortable and inspiring place to spend time with the family.


Starting from the reason, a piece of furniture does not have a “sense” of personality. Even so, when it is harmonized with other elements, harmonic spaces filled with it are manufactured.

What really matters about this characteristic is the person’s vision. How your furniture, together, create the space you want and that goes in accordance with the most basic parameters of interior decoration: that the furniture is not so big as to steal space, that the colors do not emulate a carnival in Rio de Janeiro Janeiro and that is always, but always, accompanied by some source of illumination -natural or artificial-.

A mantra that can help in this process is the following: “my house is what I make of it”. This optimistic thinking, a few ideas here and there and, guaranteed that there will be something that goes wrong in the decoration.

Factory quality

Before buying a piece of furniture, there are several stigmas that must be completely removed from the subconscious. One of the most shocking is related to the novelty of the sofa.

What does this mean? Used, packaged or bought at a street market in the center of London, quality is what matters. The state of conservation of the furniture and how many reforms it can support before being useful for a room – if you want to make reforms.

In that sense, brands matter, but they do not determine. There is furniture that is bought in departmental or second-hand stores that end up shining in any room if they are combined properly, prejudices are left aside and transformed into creativity.

A party of moderate colors

The time of tapestries with prints remained in the past. In modern decorations, nothing like mates to reinforce the presence of other decorative elements.

Unicolor furniture, matte type, allows the strongest tonalities. From turquoises to fuchsias or oranges. However, the strength of these must be dosed with soft elements, cakes or creams.

In that sense, it is a perpetual prohibition in decoration to accumulate color on color without any justification. Committing this error overwhelms the space, subtract amplitude in all the rooms and visual harmony disappears completely.

Talking about colors can sometimes be contradictory because the absence is as bad as the exorbitant presence. For them, and for everything that concerns the decoration, the alternative was, is and will be to know the balance.


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