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The design of the traditional Cambridge sofa is substantial: its oversized rolled arms, the deep seat cushion, the thick nail-head ornament and more than five hundred custom options of fabrics, finishes, and colors. Its quality is also substantial, as evidenced by its extremely comfortable foam-wrapped foam seats and it’s small hardwood feet that ensure its stability. It is about furniture whose sole presence emanates a dignity derived from its complex elaboration which, incidentally, makes them quite expensive. This strong presence makes it necessary to combine them with ottomans and similar style chairs.

This sofa synonymous with fine cabinetry and opulent textures developed by the best craftsmen and artists in the world. A true Cambridge sofa comes with a 10-year warranty, any furniture with less warranty is surely false. The upholstery of a sofa of this type is usually made of leather and velvet. We recommend making sure that you have space and the appropriate accessories for your location in your home because they are quite large and, as we have mentioned, they have a very strong role that requires having other pieces that make an effective counterpoint.

What are the recommendations and advantages of buying a Cambridge sofa?

Before proceeding to the great decision that represents to become the proud owner of this select piece, take into consideration that she will remain with your family for many years. It will appear as background in your most intimate family photographs and, surely, will be part of the material and imperishable legacy that you will leave to your heirs. An original Cambridge sofa comes with a handmade frame of dry hardwood. However, you will immediately notice that it is very comfortable and that its structure is made 100% with natural materials. The leather used is quite thick and of high quality, fixed with tacks to hold your upholstery firmly.

Keep in mind that this sofa is not designed for any type of environment or environment at random and requires certain matching auras. They adorn the place with a luxurious touch and specifically a traditional look. Decide on the color, size, and location of your Cambridge sofa set before you buy one, as that is the key to the place where you will not only enjoy it, but it will be the subject of comments and admiration among your friends.

The purchase of a Cambridge sofa represents a great investment and therefore you must be careful when handling it. They are available in rich and deep colors such as brown, emerald green and dark blue which gives this piece of the collection a lasting beauty and class. And do not worry about its care, just clean it periodically with a soft cloth and vacuum the sinuous areas to remove the dust.

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