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  1. Try to maintain a minimum distance of 70 cms. between the sofa or armchair covered in leather and any source of heat, such as stoves or radiators.
  2. Avoid placing your leather upholstered sofa directly in the sunlight. All materials tend to lose color over time if they have suffered direct exposure to the sun. The skins are especially sensitive to this light so you should avoid placing the upholstered piece under windows or skylights. An error that many people make is to place their leather sofa very close to a window in which the sun is directly exposed, causing the skin to deteriorate and change color. Avoid this if you want to have your sofa in perfect condition.
  3. Like the other furniture and decoration parts, the skin accumulates dust. To clean it, wipe with a dry cloth once a week. You can also use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. The dirt particles on the skin are completely removed, which is ideal for people allergic to dust.
  4. As a general rule, completely clean your leather upholstery with the skin cleaner (supplied by the skin manufacturer), at least once every three months, the skins are very absorbent and will need a more frequent cleaning if they are in areas of much use, such as a TV room or lounge. After cleaning, apply the moisturizing cream from the cleaning kit to renew the level of protection. There are different types of cleaning kits, depending on the type of skin to be treated.
  5. The skin, once completed its manufacture before being sent to the client, passes a series of quality controls that corroborate that the skin complies with the main quality standards required, guaranteeing the durability parameters determined for the skin as long as it is treated with the right products.
  6. Never use chemical materials or aggressive cleaning agents on the skin, such as multi-purpose products, even when this indicates that it is suitable for skin. Avoid all products that contain solvents, oils or silicones, as they will adversely affect the surface of the skin. Experience tells us that most claims for skin damage are caused by poor care and the use of products not suitable for it. The skin should only be treated with products supplied by the skin manufacturer.

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