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Choose a sofa is not easy, much less if you do not know your needs, the main challenge to choose a sofa is to choose one that performs multiple functions. You must take into account that to choose a sofa you have to be sure that it adapts to your needs and is totally comfortable so that it does not represent a risk for yourself.

According to its uses, the sofas are classified by the activities that you can perform on it, as the first example we have the sofa to socialize, these sofas are characterized by being broad and cushioned, its purpose is that individuals can sit for a prolonged amount of time, generally have added multiple cushions and an extension that allows to stretch or pose the legs, these sofas are perfect also to enjoy a recreational activity in the family, such as watching television, eating, among others.

Reclining sofas, convertible sofas or sofa beds, these sofas usually go into small spaces but it must be taken into account that they require an additional space to be able to transform into the resting place, they are made with materials for beds and their configuration is made for posing the whole body of a person, usually comes with cushions and an additional covering.

Sofa for office, these sofas are ergonomic, their comfort lies in ensuring that the body does not have any risk of injury, in its design the arms and legs extension have the appropriate height, has additional supports to handle work clothes such as laptops, mobiles and books, in some cases they have glasses.

Relaxing sofas, these sofas are very useful for disabled people or people who have suffered an injury, its design allows the parts of the body to rest so that they cannot move to an awkward position, in some cases they are manufactured with electronic devices for performing massages in different parts of the body, they are sofas of last technology that protect the body of the individual

Outdoor sofas, these sofas are designed to withstand various types of weather conditions, they are manufactured according to the weather, those that are used in sunny environments are made of wood or plastic in a way that withstands high temperatures, they are mostly mobile, its supports are solid so that they can withstand the climatic conditions, within this range, are the sofas for winter, these are usually made of wood, acrylic or fiber, materials that withstand low temperatures and are very easy to clean, like way their supports are solid since the climatic conditions so demand it.

It is of vital importance when choosing a sofa that you take into account all these conditions and have a clear idea of ​​the use that is going to be given and if it covers all the expectations of the customer.

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