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The sofas in the mid-sixteenth century meant “platform with cushions”, the step from being the typical grabbing of support to become the favorite and essential item of home, product used by the great elites, which excluded from its use in ancient times the woman. In the industrial age, it emerges as a necessity in all the homes and offices of the world, becoming an essential and common product for the consumer.

The industrialization and the consumer-influenced, the adaptation and configuration of this piece of furniture, making it become a seat of comfort, vanguard, and versatility. Among the different types of Sofa we have:

  • Armchair sofa

This is the classic sofa that we see in large rooms and studios; its capacity is one person and take up little space.

  • Sofa bed or versatile sofa

Of the first multifunction’s sofa. This one fulfills 2 tasks, serves as grabbing and becomes bed.

  • Chaise lounge sofa

Its name describes it as a long sofa, have an extension for the legs, usually rectangular.

  • Corner or L sofas

Manufactured to occupy large spaces, unlike the previous ones this is specially to be occupied by a large number of people

  • Modular sofas

Specially made to be portable, so they can be placed without problem in any space

  • Chester Sofa

This sofa is one of the most classic and used in elegant salons, here the use of the seat is on the secondary side and becomes a product of the home with decorative character.

The designs of the sofas have changed since the beginning of time. In the time of the Egyptians were large seats carved in wood with the custom design according to the monarch that was in the mandate. In medieval times its design varied according to the social status of the individual, the great kings used seats carved in wood with precious stones or metal sofas covered with fabrics and individuals with low social class possessed wooden sofas covered with animal tissue. Later in the Industrial Revolution became a common product and its design was standardized in a simple grab whose design was standardized so that it could be acquired by any individual.

The classic design had a back and put arms filled with cotton, covered with fabrics of various types. In the twenties the sofas became avant-garde and trend their designs varied according to the place where they were located. The living room sofa with its elegant designs, made with suede fabrics and striking colors.

In modern times, sofas have undoubtedly changed so much that they do not even compare with those previously manufactured. The manufacture of mass made that the designs have not been the common denominator in the homes of the world; this means that the sofas with design are not necessarily comfortable, so it will vary according to the demands of the client or the ideas of the designer like the Ergonomic Sofas and the Chester.

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