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Throughout history we have seen that sofa beds are part of the daily life of the family, have also been used as a product for commercial use to advertise and have been the icon of social encounters. To get an idea of ​​what the product represents is a piece of furniture that can be converted into a bed, this definition seems simple but it covers a lot in what are the different items that are found inside a home.

Nowadays, the world trends in interior decoration lead the consumer to buy items that are multifunctional and adaptable to their needs, for this reason, in the large household goods industry, this great product called “Sofa Bed” has emerged. This piece of furniture arises from the consumer’s demand to obtain a place that covers all the rest needs of a family.

The sofas beds offer not only comfort and elegance but also covers areas that are even more important as it is, saving space, improving the quality of family life, it is versatile,  it can be used as the consumer as a bed for rest or to enjoy a recreational activity at home.

The sofa beds can be made of metal, wood and even the combination of both, their cushions are usually made of fabric, however, there are sofas made of animal  and artificial leather. The final product will make the costs and uses vary, also its versatility will change according to the needs of the consumer.

The sofas beds are the ideal solution for those who do not know how to make the most of the spaces in the home, they also provide not only the saving of space but the saving of money which, being a versatile product, does not require the selection of any other similar product. Sofa Beds have different opening systems: Italian, Olympic, Nest and Venus, perfectly designed to cover the different needs of the buyer, also have to take into account the durability, transformation, and resistance.

As we can see the sofas beds nowadays solve and simplify the big problems that people have when choosing, equip and decorate their home with the articles that are necessary for their daily life. The Sofas Camas is not only versatile by themselves but they transfer this versatility to the place where they are located, converting, for example, the living room of a home, into a place of rest, recreational or social. It  give  the character and personality necessary to your home.

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