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Sofas and chairs

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Throughout history, they have gone from being a simple and basic product in any social field to elitist products and that were used by great characters of history until reaching the current era where they are considered as fundamental pieces in any space of recreation, offices and commercial premises.

The sofa, for example, was considered in ancient times as a product that gave social status, even its use excluded women since being an elite product could only be used by the house leader or the main authority of the place where it was.

It was made of wood, lined with different fabrics including animal leather, they were simple and could be used by a person. As the ages progressed, the sofas evolved from an elite product to the main item of a home, an office or any recreational place.

Its design was modified as that the need of the consumer was changing and for its massive manufacture had to implement new materials to make them, such as metal, synthetic fabrics among others. The design of the sofa has undergone different changes becoming the most versatile product of the home. We have the couch, the chaise longue, and the sofa. It also emerged from the need of the customer convertible sofas such as the sofa bed.

As for the chairs, this is the protagonist of the dining room, formerly it was also considered as a product that separated the social classes, with the key differential factor that its use was not exclusive, only its design granted the character that you would like to give. Manufactured of wood or iron originally, for its industrialization they were later manufactured in plastic.

Generally, its design composes a holder for the back, the seat, and 4 support legs. Throughout history sofas and chairs have undergone great changes affected equally given the needs of the consumer, in this case, the chairs were suffered many more changes than sofas, for example, wheels were added, then became portable and there are also electric chairs.

The difference between sofas and chairs lies in their versatility, in the case of sofas despite being a product found anywhere in a home, office or recreation area is much less versatile than the chair, among  the so many differentiating factors we have that the chairs are not for the exclusive use of the home but they are also an important part of the global industry and the labor market, we can exemplify this with the chairs for dentists, these furniture are specially manufactured to be used by professionals of the odontologist.

Both are products that are present practically in every aspect of daily life and that cannot be absent anywhere. Both are in a social activity, work or family reunion, are indispensable.

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