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Interior design: Where should sofas and chairs be located?

Taking on the challenge of decorating a space, results in a real nightmare for some people, especially those whose indecision can more on intuition, style, and trends.

In this regard, this opportunity is unmissable to address a topic that is discussed in interior design blogs. It is nothing less than the union of chairs and sofas in the domestic environment. Some agree that the trident furniture went down in history, while others, simply, continue to support this trend.

In no aspect of life, extremes are healthy. However, with regard to the organization of interior spaces, there are some tips and tricks that can be carried out to create a good combination that mixes the criteria and what is great for the eyes.

In that sense, the following is a series of ideas to use the chairs and sofas together or separately and create at the same time a room full of personality and style.

Sofas: the king of the room

This saying is constantly repeated when the importance of taking a sofa is mentioned in the decoration. Traditionally, around this tour the rest of the elements that are selected for a room, which include – occasionally – chairs.

10 or 15 years ago, throne-style chairs were sold to match the two-seater armchairs and quite monarchical upholstery. In the days that run, however, these ideas were overwhelmed by monochrome and matte colors.

Also, there was a tendency to use the sofas with only one companion: the auxiliary table.

To follow this new trend, L-shaped or corner sofas -as it sounds better for customers- became a priori choice. However, since these pieces of furniture are not the epitome of the economy in the furniture industry, it is important that people consider other possibilities.

This is when the big armchairs, the “chaise longue” or the futons come in. In this way the chairs can be eradicated and, with the same sense, to build a room that does not seem to be lacking in furniture.

Chairs: a secondary element

A good pair of chairs are always well seen after a tiring day, or when you want to make a short stop from the daily hustle and bustle. However, in interior decoration, little is recommended to furnish a room with the mere presence of chairs.

The reason is simple: these furnitures are considered secondary items that do not match with some elements of the decoration. Also, in the concept of design, the chairs imagine more like the furniture of the exteriors. In short, spaces that will not demand so much use.

Given the objection of some, this reality is a constant: in interior design, chairs are delegated for three functions: to keep the sofa company, to go after a desk in a library or to build from the most opulent dining room to the most austere.

Chairs and armchairs: the dynamic duo

If a person decides to stick to the traditional and accompany their chair with a set of chairs, the recommendations are simple: get the harmony of materials, textures and allow themselves to play with colors.

Thus, outmoded trends are exorcized and innovation is made in terms of the harmony and personality of the most important family space in a house.


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