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Sofas and Armchairs
Written by sofas4u

There is a wide variety of models of sofas and armchairs around the world. According to our needs and our current reality, we always look for what we like and adapts to our personality. When buying sofas for our home, we must consider if they match or if they combine with each other. The decision is not always easy. Sometimes, we find very nice sofas but it is difficult to decide which one to choose.

No doubt two elements present in most of our homes (if not all) are the armchairs and sofas, among other things, because they are usually the kings of the siesta. They were born being elitist furniture, a luxury item for the enjoyment of a few. With industrialization they jumped from the private to the public sphere, becoming synonymous with comfort, rest and a meeting point. Many times, for reasons of space or tastes, some people prefer to have only armchairs, only sofas or as in most cases, combine them.

On several occasions people who prefer not to combine, ask to be advised when choosing the most convenient, so we have summarized in 4 points, the main differences between one and another.

1) Number of seats

The main difference is in the number of seats, the armchair is one seat, while the sofa has two seats on. The most common sofas are two and three seats, although we can put several (as long as space allows) and get much more.

2) Position

Another important difference is the position we adopt in one and the other. The chair is designed to sit upright (while remaining comfortable), although we can also stretch the legs if our chair has a mechanism to raise them. The sofa, on the other hand, allows us to adopt more irregular postures (snuggle, lie down, sit on our side …); the distribution and the position will depend on our preferences, on the design and number of people taking a seat.

3) Number of cushions

Although the theme of including cushions is more an aesthetic and personal matter than material if we decide to incorporate cushions to the decoration of our armchair or sofa, for space and harmony on the sofa we can always place more cushions than in the armchair.

4) Use

The use that we give to the armchair or sofa depends to a large extent on the needs of each moment, but it is also linked to the culture and customs of each country. In this post we will not go there, we are only interested in the material differences and sticking to them we can say that the armchair has a more solitary use, without putting barriers creates distance; however, the use of the sofa is much more sociable mainly because it invites to share.

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