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Finding a comfortable sofa, quality and the perfect size for your room, dining room or lounge can be a bit complicated, we must take into account that it will be the place to rest after a hard day of work, where we will go to see our favorite movies or a coffee with a friend or neighbor, and nothing like snuggling with a good book in your spare time, whatever your chosen activity your sofa will be there to accompany you, to choose the ideal for any occasion we bring you a couple of helpful tips.

The first thing is to know the space with which you have to place your sofa, the distribution is another detail, limit your room so you can know what sofa sizes you can count on when making your decision, also think about the number of seats that you will need available. When you are choosing to try sitting down to try them, there are soft furniture, others a little more firm, for all kinds of tastes, do not rush, try the mobile and fixed chairs, always evaluating the price value ratio of what they offer, not be afraid to go to different stores and try different styles and models.

Consider comfort as a priority, the ideal is that the sofa you choose allows you to incorporate easily and not leave you sunk in it, this will avoid problems of knees and long-term column, the height of the furniture is also an important point to take into account since your feet should touch the floor when you are sitting on it, as well as your back should have the contribution you need to rest it, besides that it is also good that the sofa has an armrest, currently there are many types of models where this is not already incorporated but if you are looking for comfort it is ideal to have this.

Another infallible requirement for a good sofa is that it has a strong structure, steel, or aluminum or even a good resistant wood, keep in mind that the legs of the furniture should be part of it because if they are incorporated this will reduce security and firmness. Ask for the stuffing of the sofa so you can evaluate the quality.

Once you have analyzed all these tips, add to it the colors, tones, textures and prints, so that your home has a harmonious and visually pleasing room you need to unify the style, this does not mean using the same color and tone in everything, but to combine and contrast the colors you choose in their different shades, to create an environment where from the carpet to the color of the walls, sofa, furniture, tablecloths and curtains are coupled in the best way.

This will allow you to create a unique environment where your family, friends, and neighbors enjoy spending time, recreation and sharing the most magical and special moments. If where you live is an area where it is very hot, the ideal is that in your living room you create a somewhat cool and refreshing atmosphere, you can try combining a vivid color such as apple green or turquoise with various cold tones such as white, gray, or navy blue If, on the other hand, your location is a cold area, or you are in winter you can create a comfortable and warm environment with earth colors, you can use a red terracotta, beige, brown or brown among others.


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