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Sofa Bed Instructions

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Everything you need to know about the sofa beds

A sofa bed is a structure, usually made of metal, which serves a dual purpose. The first is to provide you and your guests with a comfortable place to sit, while the second will give you a place to sleep or accommodate any visitors who stay overnight. Although the opening and closing of the bed is quite simple, we recommend you follow the instructions sofa bed, so you can properly handle this piece of furniture.

In this sense, the sofa bed instructions will depend on the type of product you purchase, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of existing pieces in the market.

It is important to note that although most sofa beds can be 2 or 3 seats, resulting in a double bed, you can also find single-seat sofas, which are transformed into single beds.

This is how you should contemplate some details to properly accommodate this piece of furniture in your home. If you have a large room, you can opt for a spacious sofa bed. However, if your space is not very large, it is best to try a more compact and practical sofa.

Some of the opening systems have easy-to-understand sofa bed instructions and a smooth process. Below we present some of these mechanisms and their opening and closing details.

Different instructions sofa bed

Follow the sofa bed instructions are essential to have a product in working the right way. It is advisable not to force the mechanisms of this furniture for any reason, as it may suffer irreparable damage.

Quick opening method

Called Italian sofa bed is easy to install and very versatile to use in any type of room. You can move from being a sofa to a bed almost effortlessly since you will not have to remove all the equipment from the sofa to make way for the bed. In the same way, you will be able to close the bed without it being necessary for you to remove the blankets with which you slept, giving you greater ease.

Expanding method

This is the model that you can find with less cost in the market. Its practicality lies in that it does not have a box spring, it is simply a mattress that is kept folded inside the structure of the sofa and must be placed directly on the floor to be used.

Click-clack method

One of the simplest opening systems you can find. Its structure works like a chest where you can store your things for bed, while reversing the backrest, leaving it parallel to the wall, you can save space and have a comfortable and spacious bed.



Folds method

It works practically the same as an Italian system, varying in the fact that it cannot be opened without first removing all the cushions from the sofa seat. However, you can stay with the blankets on, which is a good help.

Corner sofa bed

As we all know the corner sofas or Chaise Longue are spacious, elegant and stand out very well in any room. This allows you to have a very comfortable and large extra bed. You just have to move the bed support, which covers evenly the entire space of the sofa and allows it to become a bed of an adequate size. However, these models must remain in a place with enough space so that it does not hinder movement through the area.

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