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Sofa Bed For Small Room

Written by sofas4u

Measurements are important for furnishing small rooms

If you are newly moved and the apartment is a studio type, with small spaces, you have a wide variety of alternatives to adapt the furniture to the place. There will always be a way to adjust the furniture and decorate it with great taste.

To be practical, it is necessary to acquire versatile furniture that fulfills several functions at the same time and that can be used to solve multiple tasks. In addition, you have to select them with the ideal sizes to create a balanced environment that can move smoothly.

A sofa bed that is small, would be the perfect solution for the room. It is important to know what type of furniture is desired and is really necessary, so as not to fill the place with appliances that are not useful.

In a room that is going to be used to fulfill the role of the living room and dining room at the same time, furniture should be placed that provides comfort and resolves unforeseen situations, such as receiving visitors or accommodating guests.

For this specific case, sofa beds that are not very large are a great alternative, to offer accommodation to several people at once, without having to use the bedrooms, especially if you do not have enough space at home.

Think of the way to place it, in a strategic place in the room, so that when it is extended it can be opened without problems. That is why, you must leave a considerable free space, so as not to hinder the transit of the guests at the moment of turning it into a bed.

The possibilities offered by stores that specialize in selling sofa beds are very varied. Among the most common furniture options of this style to occupy small spaces, are those that open laterally.

These sofa beds are not very easy to find but have a very unusual way of opening. Instead of extending it forward, as in most of the others, this piece of furniture is extended to one of the sides that is devoid of an armrest.

The quality of this piece of furniture is extraordinary because it is made of high hardwood and it is upholstered in very resistant fabric. Its appearance is quite avant-garde and will surely adapt to the space you have available.

Another possible selection would be the style with a minimalist trend. Despite having unicolor designs, they can be modified by adding cushions of shocking colors. You can buy them, both for a single person and for two guests, you will surely love it.


The front opening design, in the best Italian style, is perfect for narrow sites. You should consider leaving a few centimeters available, in order to extend the sofa bed. The model has a very linear finish, with which there is no waste of space and comes lined in fabric, which makes it warmer.

The sofa beds with classic designs are also a good decision. They have mattresses of very good quality, which provides all the comfort that is sought and have a mechanism to open that is not complicated.

The models with the click-clack system are the ideal option for very small spaces because the measures when expanding the sofa bed do not exceed 2 meters long, which can be opened and closed without any problem.

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