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Sofa Bed Fold Out

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Useful options to choose a folding sofa bed

If you are tired of receiving visits at home and not having enough space to invite them to sleep, then it is the right moment to select an extendable sofa bed. Definitely, this is the best alternative to accommodate visitors, without having to improvise.

There are many models with different forms and mechanisms to extend them. Analyze the measurements of the room, so that when installing at home has enough place and is comfortable. Remember that this is a normal sofa, but when you convert it into a bed it expands and needs a few meters to unfold it.

Another necessary recommendation is the correct choice of the material with which it is upholstered. It must be a type of fabric quite resistant because this sofa bed will have a lot of constant activity. In the day it will be useful for people to share and in the night it will be a bed to rest.

Taking into account this advice, you should choose a tapestry, preferably, that can be washed and replaced. If this is not possible, you can cover the cushions with special linings for this purpose, which will protect the furniture and can be changed to your liking.

Once you make a decision regarding these aspects, you should think about the most practical mechanism for you. There is a wide variety of designs of sofa beds, mostly extensible, which requires certain skills to remove the bed and place it correctly.

The Futón model is one of the ones with the lowest price because it is a fairly simple piece. It is designed for two people and tends to be very fragile. Taking into account that this piece will be used constantly, it will not be a good option if you want it to last you for many years.

As for the design called Clic-Clac, they are considered as a very practical piece, they are excellent for small spaces and they open and close without complications or efforts. The disadvantage is that it has a mattress that is not of optimum quality, so it would only be for special occasions and not for frequent use.

This model, in some cases, has a kind of trunk on the inside, which would be a perfect solution for storing bedding, pillows or some other accessory, depending on the dimensions of the compartment.

Another not very favorable aspect of the Clic-Clac design is that it is not possible to pick it up without undoing the bed. So, to convert it into a sofa you have to remove the sheets and all the blankets because the way to disassemble the bed is folding the back part of the sofa up.

In the Italian style, it can become the most accurate decision, because the deployment is done in two parts, without problems, because it is very light. It has a mattress of better quality and it is not necessary to undo the bed to store it.

For those who prefer traditional models, you can get two or even three folds, with the characteristic that before opening the bed, it is necessary to remove the cushions from the sofa. It can also be stored with the sheet ready to use.

The most versatile solution is the Chaise Longue that can be extended and made wider. Also, they come with a compartment to store sheets and pillows.

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