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Sofa Bed Faux Leather

Written by sofas4u

Maintaining your impeccable faux leather sofa bed is a very simple task

If you are worried that, due to permanent use, the artificial upholstery of the sofa bed deteriorates, we recommend that you observe these practical tips and you will see it, always, bright as the first day.

When acquiring a sofa bed covered in synthetic leather, you should know that it is a fabric that imitates the real leather. Therefore, constant use and possible accidents can damage the appearance of the material.

Although the industry has strived to produce a final product with the same characteristics of the original leather, this synthetic leather requires a lot of care, if you want to keep it in optimal conditions.

To know when leather is synthetic or natural, you can try it with touch. If the texture of the hand is smooth, it is natural leather, but if the contact feels a little rough and you cannot slide your hand over it, then it is artificial leather.

This alternative emerged as a protection measure for animals. In the twentieth century, the boom that had the leather of animals came to place them in danger of extinction, so that industries began to perform a series of procedures to achieve a material with similar characteristics, which is used in the upholstery of all type of furniture, footwear, and other accessories.

This type of material is recommended in sofa beds due to its warmth, resistance, and durability. Synthetic leather is an ideal coating for furniture that is used more frequently, providing a higher quality than the upholstered fabric sofas.

This type of material requires constant maintenance, to prevent dust and stains from causing loss of shine. Also, it is suggested to place it in a place away from sunlight, because it will lose color and will eventually be damaged.

To keep the sofa bed upholstered in faux leather, products that are suitable for this material should be used. Aerosols that contain abrasive chemicals are harmful to preserve the texture of the leather.

Similarly, if you are going to use a vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to place a very soft brush, so that it does not leave streaks or, worse, tear the material. Keep in mind that when the leather is pierced or broken, it cannot be repaired, it must be completely lined to be as good as new.

First, you should use a cloth with a soft texture and a little dampened, in order to absorb all the dust that is in its path. After completing this step, you can place any protector, which are purchased in stores for this purpose.

To obtain wonderful results, you should rub the product with a dry cloth, until it disappears completely. This procedure should be performed once a week, depending on the exposure of the sofa bed to external agents and the use that is given.

In the event of an accidental spill of any liquid in the cabinet, immediately place an absorbent cloth and press carefully, so as not to spread the liquid over the entire surface. Once removed, you should use a protective product and shine.

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