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Red And Cream Living Room

Written by sofas4u

The best living room red and cream, do not fear the color

Do you want to remodel your living room and do not know what tones to use? Do you want to go from classic to modern but do you have a little fear of color? You do not have to worry and put color to your living room, you can very easily make your living room stand out if you want a modern living room you can use colors like green, blue, yellow and red tones mixed with shades pastry.

If you decide to use the deep colors on the walls then it is advisable to use more neutral colors in the furniture and decorative elements, now if we paint the walls a white or cream tone is perfect to play a little with the color of all the furniture and other decorative elements, everything will depend on your tastes and the style with which you feel most comfortable.

We are going to give you ideas of living room red and cream, these two shades are perfect, the cream an easy pastel tone and combined with the red it looks super well, for this idea is recommended to paint the walls of a cream tone quite clear that point towards the target and depending on the dimensions of your living room you can place a red sofa.

If the space is large would be ideal a sofa type L, this way the space is used so that more people can sit in the room to be, the type of shape of this sofa allows you to rest your feet, it is a very comfortable sofa and with the red tone will undoubtedly be the center of attention of the living room, if your room is a little smaller not worry you can place a red sofa with two seats and look equally good, you could also place a red sofa bed that is a functional enough furniture so you can use it not only as a seat but as a bed for Do not have guests or just for when you want to enjoy a movie at home. On the sofa, you can place some cushions in beige tones and a touch of gold is a combination that is perfect with red.

A coffee table could be placed with a base of light colors and glass table, it is important that if we already have the sofa that is the largest piece of furniture in the living room of a striking tone as red you have to make a balance with the rest of the decorative elements, the crystal coffee table brings that balance, on top of the coffee table could be placed a vase of a dark red tone, the red tones that we apply in the living room do not have to be the same , it is also recommended to use different shades of red color. If it’s your pleasure you can place a carpet in a beige tone, it will combine very well with the sofa and with the coffee table.

In conclusion, you should not fear the color, the color will give life to your living room and if you make the perfect combination it will look amazing.


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