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Practical tips for choosing the upholstery of a Chesterfield sofa

Written by sofas4u

Practical tips for choosing the upholstery of a Chesterfield sofa

If you are a lover of the classic and you love having a piece of great value at home, then you should buy a sofa in the best Chesterfield style. Certainly, this furniture brings a lot of class to the room and will give you many satisfactions, because it is very durable, it could even remain intact for several generations, as long as it is given the care it deserves.

Without a doubt, it is made to stand the test of time. It is made by experts who have been dedicated to this trade for decades, you can be sure that a Chesterfield sofa will remain as good as new for years. The materials used in its manufacture are of high quality and very resistant.

With more than two centuries of history, this sofa was designed as furniture to be used by the English aristocracy. Then it became part of the houses and offices, to become a piece that gives distinction to the environment and comfort to those who use it.

One always imagines the furniture on the outside, its external appearance is very important so that it catches you and you are convinced that this is the sofa that you want at home. But to select the furniture that suits your environment is necessary to follow some recommendations, in terms of measurements, color, shape and, above all, the upholstery.

Keep in mind that this sofa will stay at home for a good season, choose the one that suits you according to your family group and the number of visitors you usually have at home. It is better to have a sofa where everyone can sit down to share, so you have to resort to the use of additional cushions or armchairs for your guests to sit down.

The upholstery is very important since depending on the type of fabric, the furniture will have more durability. If you are not convinced of wanting leather upholstery, do not worry! There are other very valid and equally good options.

Manufacturers have a wide variety of fabrics in colors of your choice and textures that suit your needs. The fabrics are fresher and give more softness to the furniture, so they will be an excellent decision for those who live in hot places. It is advisable not to place the sofa near a window or where it can be directly exposed to sunlight, as this will deteriorate it very quickly.

The velvety fabrics will give you a stately and distinguished appearance, but you must take special care so that it does not lose its splendor. It is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner and pass it, at least once a week, to discard the dust.

In case any liquid is spilled, do not panic! Place a cloth on top so that it absorbs to the maximum, try not to scrub so that the stain does not get bigger. The stores sell specific products, in cream, foam or spray, to remove any stain left on the fabric. Do not use products that contain chemicals or chlorine to prevent the fabric from becoming discolored.

For cloth upholstery, you must be careful not to use tools that can cut it, as this would cause irreparable damage. If you have children or pets at home, try to cover the sofa for more protection and prevent accidents that could be costly.

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