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It was time to buy the lounge sofa. We want, of course, to choose a compendium of design, comfort and good price. But beware, we should not choose if we do not think before and think what kind of sofa we need, we want and the options we have available.

Buying a sofa is an important choice since it is a furniture of a considerable price and on the other hand, because it is itself one of the most important furniture in our living room. We must choose well because it is a purchase that we will have to enjoy for many years … or until we get tired and want to redecorate our space again. And is that, there are so many designs of sofas that we may not even know very well which one to choose. Different designs, upholstery, decorative elements, sizes, color: brown, black … so it is better to reflect before going to the store and answer yourself to these mandatory questions before choosing the living room sofa.

Do I choose fabric sofa or leather sofa?

Although the difference between the two is virtually nil, since both sofas are equally comfortable, the truth is that the final resolution will always depend on the buyer’s own taste. There are people who think that fabric sofas do not look as good as leather ones, depending on the fabric they may look like antique sofas, so you have to choose the color and texture of the upholstery very well. They are more difficult to clean as the stains are easily gripped to the fabric, having to rub with special cleaning products to remove the stain, and from time to time it is convenient to wash the covers.

Fabric sofas are cheaper and the advantage over the skin is their perspiration, in summer they do not give you a feeling of warmth and in winter they are not as cold as the skin. They are softer and more pleasant to the touch, they do not make noise when you change posture and the upholstery lasts much longer than the leather.

How to clean upholstery with foam or spray?

There are many products, such as foams and sprays, to clean the fabrics. It is important that before using them make a test somewhere not visible to check the resistance of the fabric or color. Depending on the product, the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed.

How to clean stains from a fabric sofa?

When cleaning a fabric sofa and applying solutions to any unforeseen events, it is advisable to take into account the following indications:

If any liquid has been spilled quickly, it must be absorbed with a dry cloth or kitchen paper.

Ideally, use specific dry cleaning products to apply on the stain.

You can also opt for home solutions with good results. If the stain is greasy in nature, use chalk or salt, let it act on it for a while and then gently wipe with a cloth moistened with water. If the stain is not greasy and recent, applying a mixture of warm water and neutral soap will suffice.

For stains such as coffee or chocolate, you must mix four parts of water, one with hydrogen peroxide and one drop of ammonia.

It is important to treat the stain as soon as possible, because the longer it passes, the more it will cost to remove it.

Do not use as much as possible the dryer to dry the stain, as it will leave siege.

Do not forget to clean from the outside in, not to make the stain bigger.

Now that you know the pros and cons of each type of upholstery you just have to choose the best one for you.

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