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Old World Living Room

Written by sofas4u

Do you like old styles? The decoration of a living room in the old world style is for you

 The living room is a meeting place, where we settle to discuss everyday situations with our relatives, where we had a tea or a coffee with our neighbors and friends. It is the ideal place for family coexistence and it is also the first view when entering our home. For this reason, the decoration is always important, the harmony, personality, and comfort that we provide to ourselves and those who live in our environment; also our neighbors and friends who visit our home.

If we want to follow a theme or a trend, there are different styles of decoration that are at the top of the world such as the Nordic style, the rustic, the industrial, the oriental and thousands of other styles that could go with your tastes like the living room at the old-world style. But before starting to decorate our environment, we will have to give importance to some accessories or furniture for our room.

The intention is to achieve or obtain the desired final design, and for this, it is important to evaluate the characteristics of the room, such as the size and light that enters the room. A room decorated in the perfect style of the old world is a trend of decoration included in styles that were frequent in the middle Ages, on the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

They used different colors but provided they were deep in tone and hue, such as purple, brown, green, among others. As for the furniture used in the decoration of the living room in the style of the old world, we refer to large and heavy equipment, gleaming dark wooden or baroque handles and fabric coverings that distinguish the furniture of that characteristic style.

In the windows, curtains of different materials were often placed. They were heavy and thick that when closed did not allow the passage of sunlight into the living room.

There are those who tend to be confused with the decoration between the Mediterranean style and the living room in the style of the old world for some of its similarities and because in addition people tend to link both trends since the countries that make up the Mediterranean belong in the same way to the European continent. However, both styles differ from each other. For example, the lighting in the decoration of the old world, as we saw before, is quite dense; while in the Mediterranean, it goes more towards lighting, clarifying the room by decorating with colors that make the space more illuminated and at the same time a little wider than white or cream.

Transforming the decoration of the salons by changing the design of the walls is a simple, comfortable and low-cost formula. It is very helpful to have these ideas in mind when decorating since we can vary, every so often, applying different colors of paint, placing decorative paper or painting.

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