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Nearly new Sofas And Chairs

Nearly new Sofas And Chairs
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Why Not Refresh Your Style With New Leather Sofas?

The sofa in our house, without realizing it becomes our faithful companion when we are in our home. What do we want a home theater session? Well, it’s our reserved seat. What are friends coming? He always ends up being silent witness and accomplice of shared moments. To read, to rest, for the whole family … We have proposed that you hit the spot in the choice of your sofa. We give a solution to all your doubts! An infallible guide to renewing and succeed.

When you go to buy a sofa, take with you three basic facts: the measurements of the living room, its distribution and, although it may seem obvious to say, how many people will use it daily. And once there, take your time to see the different fixed or removable seats etc “,

The leather sofa is made of a durable material, comfortable and adapts to the shape of the human body and its temperature (so it can also be used in warm climates). Its appearance is soft and its appearance is unique, due to the natural characteristics of each skin. All this makes it a very striking, durable material and representative of status.

Although in the market you can find pieces made of synthetic leather (take your time to choose one of good quality), the natural one will always be better, although it has a higher price, far exceeds the characteristics, among others durability, that jump in sight.


  • Resist well over time. And even worn has a decorative plus.
  • Adaptable to all types of environments, from the most modern to the most classic.
  • Easy to clean with a cloth dampened with water and with special cream every 4 or 6 months.


The fillings must be of quality. Today, for example, high strength foams are used that deform little. “Even so, as a general rule, the backrest should be softer than the seat.

Another factor that determines the strength of the sofa is that it is breathable. And for that, upholstery is basic. In addition, the more breathable, the more comfortable it will give. Also, the filling will be key for it to transpire. Other good options are viscoelastic, springs or HR foam polyurethane, which has great strength and durability and also deforms little. “A sofa is like a shoe, over time, adapts to our body,” so we will gain comfort but also wear away, hence advice “to change the foam fillings every 5-6 years to regain the density And not lose comfort “.

Sofas with a plus that take advantage of the living room with storage. There are sofas with space under the chaise longue seat, ideal for storing blankets or cushions. And others with shelves on the sides of the arms, perfect for storing small objects such as books and controls.

With technology. Sofas with sliding seats synchronized with the backrests turn into sunbeds in less than a minute. There are also built-in speakers that can be connected to the mobile phone or to the TV.

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