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Narrow Living Room

Written by sofas4u

The best tips to assemble and decorate a narrow seating area

The living room is a very important area in our home, it could be said that we spend much of our time, it is an area to rest, after a hard day’s work, having a place to relax is the best thing that exists and In large part that is the function of the living room.

Many people do not know how to dispose of furniture and how to decorate a narrow living room however it is easier than many of us think, we just have to take into account some tips and surely our living room will be beautiful, for small living rooms it is recommended use light colors, among the decorative elements that it is advisable to place the mirrors, since these provide space amplitude, if we are going to place a sofa it is recommended that this be two-seater, being the small space we must not place furniture many squares since they occupy more space and it is important that we leave free spaces to move about the living room, we should feel comfortable without a doubt, although our living room is small we can place a coffee table, these are quite functional, it serves us of support to place not only decorative elements but to support a book that we are reading, including a plate of food, cups or coffee cups, for the case of coffee tables is recommended to be glass tables because as mirrors these add amplitude to the place, which is narrow spaces is more than necessary.

In narrow living rooms we can also place a TV without any inconvenience, instead of using a television set we can place it directly on the wall, this will take up less space, just installing a good base for the TV will be enough, they even sell pretty functional bases that rotate, so that the TV does not necessarily have to be in a fixed position, could move to one side or another depending on our needs.

If you want to place other decorative elements such as photographs, books, vases or any object is recommended to place them on the coffee table or you could also install shelves directly on the wall, including forming geometric figures giving a minimalist style that is perfect as these aerial shelves also They occupy less space and look very modern and beautiful in our living room.

As you can notice with a few councils you can make your living room beautiful, spacious and delicate, without removing any of the furniture needed to rest and have fun with our family and friends, it is very important not to overload the place with many decorative elements , just put what you need, the simple also looks beautiful and elegant, create your living room based on your needs and your style, research the internet on decorative ideas, visit several stores to try the furniture, remember that this is an important investment so buy quality furniture, surely you will have a beautiful living room.


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