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Mice Living Under Decking

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Discover the way to have a room without annoying animals

Generally, in houses that have wooden floors and walls, different types of animals usually appear that seek refuge in these compartments, during certain seasons of the year.

That is why, if the main room of the house has a wooden floor and has free spaces in the bottom, it is very possible that they begin to be occupied by mice that live under the cover of this type of floor.

To avoid being a victim of this, it is very important that you always keep the house free of debris, because this kind of waste objects always attracts these animals that are so unpleasant.

When you have the wooden floor at home, it is recommended that you make revisions in the places where they could hide. It is also suggested to hire the services of a company that specializes in eliminating them.

In more serious cases, it is very likely that these animals make holes in the walls or furniture of the room. Remember that sofas have foam padding, ideal for them.

Frequently moves the furniture from the room and the house, looking for possible hiding places. If you have a library with books, you should be aware that this material is also preferred by mice.

Due to the proximity to the street, living rooms are the first places where mice usually hide. If your furniture is padded and has fluffy cushions they are quite likely to be inhabited by these animals.

Cleaning is essential to keep them at bay when you clean use disinfectants with strong odors. These smells are not pleasant for them and tend to chase them away. Perform periodic inspections and observe any waste that may leave in its path.

If the mice get under the cover of the floor, they should leave traces of wood and dust, which allow you to detect that something is wrong. Also, if they are located on the walls it is very likely that you will feel noises that are not common.

Follow all these aspects and you will be able to detect the problem. Keep in mind that if you do not see anything abnormal, they may be in other areas of the house. Pay attention to the peculiar smells, these could indicate your presence.

Take care of the cleaning and the cleaning in the rooms, do not leave remains of food or organic waste that may deteriorate, especially when you tend to eat on the sofa, watching TV and in the company of friends.

Try to get rid of everything that is left to eat and try not to fall on the furniture, cushions or floor, as it will immediately be a signal for the mice to enter the house and settle for a long time.

To keep these animals at bay, you can take care of sealing any holes you have in the floor or walls. Likewise, the door slots should be covered, especially at night.

You can protect the exit of the drains with a strong mesh so that they do not enter your house through the pipes. Think that the less free tickets you leave them, the more difficult it is for them to settle in the house. Take care of the surroundings of your house and keep them free of garbage, because these places are perfect for them.

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