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It is not a surprise that the spaces in houses and apartments are getting smaller every day, so the challenge is how to furnish them without looking too busy. The idea is to create beautiful spaces, which represent the style of those who live there, and who at the same time are functional and very well armed. How to achieve it?

The first step is always to be very clear about the measurements of the space, in order to know more clearly. It is even better if you have a style in mind: Nordic, vintage, colonial or the one you like the most. Then think about what you need. In the case of the living, the sofa will be one of the focal points, so it should be one of the first furniture you choose.

Sofas and more: Modular to take advantage of space

Believe it or not, a modular sofa can look amazing and work perfectly if you have the right measurements. Be clear that if you opt for a modular you will not have so much space to fill the living room with other furnitures, such as armchairs or corners, but you will have the most important, an extremely comfortable place to sit or watch movies.

Not only that, you can fix the rest of the room with decorative accessories that can give life and style, as blankets and cushions of interesting colors and textures. Remember that since the modular armchair will occupy a large part of the living room, you have to help with the colors to give the sensation of depth. Choose a light color for the wall, which makes space look brighter and leaves the most intense colors for carpets and other details.

The sofa is the protagonist

The living room may be small, but that does not mean you have to choose only small furniture. If you like to spend time in the living room, alone, with friends or family, it is best to choose a large sofa, but do not fill the entire room. Remember that it is very important to take into account the measurements of your living: you always have to leave space to walk easily, without interrupting the circulation. Imagine a sofa accompanied by a rug and large cushions. An entertaining and relaxed room can be assembled from two or three large pieces of furniture and many accessories. A good inspiration is the boho style, which is strong this season.

A trick that will help you a lot when choosing the sofa for your small living is to prefer one with high legs, which will make the piece look lighter. It is a simple visual effect, the more “slender” the legs of your furniture, the less space they occupy near the floor and gives the feeling that there is space. The style depends on you, with wooden legs and simple, like the sofas tuxedo, or mid-century modern; but you can also choose something with more intricate and romantic legs, like those used in Victorian models.

There are thousands of options and all are good. If you choose a sofa with legs, it is recommended that you combine it with a light coffee table, thin lines and glass, to help create that idea of ​​space. Another option is to remove the coffee table and replace it with corners or stackable tables so that the center of the room is free and you see everything much bigger.

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