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Long Narrow Living Room

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Turn your long narrow living room into a cozy place for your family

The dimensions, the form, and the function are the three main elements to consider when it comes to the decoration of an environment. In the case of the living room, one of the most difficult ways to decorate is the long and narrow living room, because in this environment the circulation area becomes more important if it is wanted than in any other space, since it is the place where family meetings or with friends are usually given, it is necessary to think very well how to distribute furniture to allow the coming and going of people.

In modern homes, being of smaller dimensions, it is common to get along and narrow living room, however in some houses of greater size, you can also find this type of rooms, especially in those homes where you have little front, forcing a design of environments with great depth and little width.

Creating a pleasant, functional and cozy space is still possible in environments with this type of design, if some decorating tricks are used. There is no single recipe for arranging the furniture in a long and narrow living room, but the essential is do it thinking about the needs of users and the dimensions of the space.

If the living room area is of good dimensions, one of the best ways is to create divisions with different types of environments, for example, one where the focal point is television, another oriented to sit down to talk and maybe a corner to think of as an area of ​​interest. reading.

Other tools that are often used, is the placement of some of the furniture diagonally. You should also avoid using rectangular carpets, opting for those with different geometric shapes such as circles and squares, to minimize the importance of the narrow space. Incorporating furniture or decoration accessories with rounded shapes also helps in this regard, especially when the area is small.

If the living room is long and narrow but has a good height, then another good trick is to use vertical elements in the decoration, such as showcases, shelves or striped curtains in the windows.

The way in which the furniture is placed is also very important to disguise this effect, placing a sofa in the shape of an “L” or distributing the room set perpendicularly will also help to cut the atmosphere.

The use of color cards also has much to contribute in decorative solutions for this type of room, the most advisable is the use of white or pastel colors on the walls to create a feeling of spaciousness and if you fear that the whole is boring, play with some element of color to give vitality, but without it is so strong that it becomes a visual obstacle that overloads the environment.

In small spaces, everything must have its place and its function, so as not to cause a sensation of the disorder. With this premise, look for the best way to break the narrowness and optimize the space, but creating a harmonious space adapted to your needs.


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