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Living Wall Using Pallets

Written by sofas4u

You will be surprised by the beauty of a living wall using pallets, for any place in your house.

This new proposal is a perfect solution for people who live in the city and do not have enough space to have a garden. In addition, they add a touch of freshness and softness to the environment, not to mention the coloring and the characteristic aroma that the plants offer.

It has been proven that this innovative way to plant plants provides many advantages, because it keeps the environment cool, managing to lower the temperature to 10 degrees. If it is placed on the outside of the house, it will have the same effect, since the plants will absorb the heat of the sun.

Also, they protect us from the noise and contribute to the conditions of the air we breathe are more favorable for the human being. In addition, it helps to increase the biodiversity of plant species.

Another of the many advantages is that it beautifies the appearance of any place where it is decided to place it. Currently, this is being implemented in the facades of buildings and offices in various parts of the world, which gives a touch of naturalness to the property.

To make a living wall using pallets, you have to take into account several factors, such as where you want to place it. The site should be well oriented towards solar rays and natural light so that the plants benefit.

The space to be used also plays a fundamental role, since if it is not very extensive, it can be done at home with simple materials. But if it is an external fence or a very high wall, it is necessary to have the advice of professionals.

The plants that are going to be planted can be of short roots and easy to prune, we must bear in mind that the structure will be in vertical form and the weight of all this load, can be very large to support it.

That is why, you should consult experts in the field and, in this way, get the best out of a great idea. To make a living wall using wooden pallets, to place it inside the house, it is necessary to join them forming a kind of drawer and then it is lined in strong plastic.

Once this step is made, it will proceed to open gaps in the lower part so that the water comes out and a pair of PVC pipes will be introduced through the top, which will be made small holes, so that the water moisten the earth and nourish the plants.

When this structure has been built, it is necessary to place the well-fertilized black soil in a compact form. When filling the earth box, it is covered with a gardening mesh and pallets are fixed from side to side of the drawer.

This ensures that all content is kept inside the box when it is placed in an upright position. Now it’s time to start planting the plants of your choice, opening holes in the garden fabric and embedding the bush inside.

You have to leave the living wall for a couple of weeks in a horizontal position so that the roots are fixed. At the end of the time, you can proceed to hang on any wall of the house, with specific light and air conditions.


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