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Living Room Curtain Ideas

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Give a personal style to that special corner at home and create your own living room

There are houses that are quite spacious and have the main room, where guests are received, interesting conversations and family moments are shared. But they are also places that must have a style that is in accordance with the rest of the rooms.

In these places, you can design a cozy living room, with a personal touch and decorated with all the furniture that can provide the comfort and comfort you are looking for. They tend to be spaces destined to gather people and enjoy free time.

Generally, they are found when entering the house and, that is why we must decorate them with beautiful curtains that give it a good impression. The combination of colors, accessories, artificial or natural light, furniture and the measurements of the room are determining factors to have a perfect living room.

To decorate these areas there are many possible solutions, which adapt to each trend and each person. Let’s start with the measurements of the room, if we have a large room, we should fill it with furniture, tables of different sizes and pedestal lamps.

You can even add some sculptures, which will give you a lot of distinction or if you prefer something more natural, place some plants, which will give life to the environment. We must try to fill each corner with the ideal details so that the room is not empty.

On the contrary, if the living room is small, you should decorate with modular furniture, which saves a lot of space. In this case, you can put libraries or furniture attached to the walls, with divisions that facilitate the distribution of books, television, ornaments, etc. and do not occupy much space.

As for the colors, you can play with strong colors in electric tones, which bring life to the whole. Some carpets combined with cushions or curtains in different shades give a good look to the whole room.

Dare to modify the color of the walls and paint them in various colors, you can mix strong colors and pastels and this will give a total change to the room. Another option is to put large paintings that are not very classic on the walls.

The light can help you to amplify the room, if you do not have a window so you can light it with sunlight, you can install Led lights in different colors on the walls and they will give you a warm and more intimate atmosphere.

In addition, you can place lamps hanging from the ceiling, with many designs that go with the style of decoration. The recessed lights on the walls are an excellent idea and will save you having to buy several lamps.

Finally, you can have several different furniture styles within the living room; the important thing is to know how to combine them with class so that they do not clash. It uses accessories designed in wood such as trunks, drawers with drawers, curtains, cushions, coffee tables, rugs or vases.

You can also restore furniture or armchairs that you have stored in the attic and give them a new look. Surely, you will achieve a living room to your liking and that gives you all the comfort you are looking for. Try these ideas and enjoy your living room.



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