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Living In Trees

Written by sofas4u

Tips for creating a living room with a view of the trees without leaving home

In the search for new ideas for the creation and remodeling of spaces, we find new methodologies in the construction of homes where the living room can perfectly fit with a view to the garden, according to the specifications that the client wants.

These types of ideas are very common, especially in country houses, since there is greater empathy with nature and in general, the houses are surrounded by flora and fauna.

At present, the living rooms do not have to be necessarily located in country houses to have a view of a garden or trees, but now there are new ways to make the home a cozy and comfortable place, especially for people who are lovers of nature.

Many people decide to give an ecological and modern touch to the spaces of the house without necessarily being in front of nature because inside your living room you can have a view of the trees without leaving your refuge. The trees inside a house integrate positive energy and release peace and tranquility in your home.

Not only is the exterior garden of a home important, but now we look for nature within our home, placing natural plants and trees in the living room of our home will show the wonderful spaces, which will catch the eyes of all people from the at which time they are invited to move into the house.

According to the open spaces that the living room has, the location of trees, shrubs or base plants may be feasible and with greater zeal, if there are open spaces, this allows us to play with the spaces, the idea is to vary the sizes and types within from the living room.

If the link between nature and housing is applied in a subtle way and with good arguments, a good result will be obtained, since the environment between the plants, the furniture and the decoration of the rooms can be perfectly integrated, taking into account the space which has been destined for the shaping of trees and nature.

In this way environments are embellished in a simple way, because there is a wide variety of trees that have flowers in their crown that undoubtedly give an added value to the space and gives a magical touch to everything that surrounds it, without a doubt some are all good ideas that contribute to improving the spaces of the home, to maintain a good empathy with nature and always maintain a living room overlooking the trees, without spending on expensive ornaments and crafts, and always thinking of the fabulous gifts that nature gives us, also contributing to the environment.

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