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Living Fossil Weed

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Decorating with different styles is essential to achieve a cozy atmosphere

Not always all houses and rooms are conditioned in the same way. Everything depends on the taste of the owner, the trends you prefer, the budget you have and the place where you live.

In general, the living rooms in homes that are located in the city or in the suburbs, present the same modern and exquisite style, with a touch of elegance in the combinations of colors and textures.

This style is usually kept in the rest of the rooms of the house and a balance is maintained in the decoration, which reveals the way of life of the owner. Observing the details in the decoration of a house, one can say a lot about the person who inhabits it.

There are lovers of nature and simple things, for them, everything must be simple and uncomplicated. They love everything in their natural state and pursue coexistence with external factors, such as rain, sun, fauna, flora, etc.

They are in permanent contact with the ecosystem and seek an atmosphere that transmits peace. For this type of people, the decoration is based, mainly, on natural things. They like to live near beaches, rivers or forests, always far from the city.

Their environments are full of objects related to animals, vegetation, living fossil weeds and live surrounded by much greenery. Therefore, their gardens are spectacular and they take great pains to bring plants to the house.

This trend of decoration, of a lot of vitality to the spaces, since it is necessary to keep in mind that the plants are living beings and that they provide a lot of color and aroma to the salons. Adjusting the living room with plants is very successful.

Place a vase of fresh flowers on the center table in the room, filling the atmosphere with joy and color. It is an invitation to enjoy everything the environment offers you. If you place them in a plants containers, you must pay special attention to the sun or otherwise wither.

Other accessories that combine with this kind of decoration are the fossils. You can get ornaments with the most incredible shapes and you can place them on shelves or on tables, specially designed to display them.

The ornaments with fossil plants look very exotic, you can place them framed in wood on the wall or make a corner dedicated exclusively to extol the uniqueness of the piece. You can place dim lights that focus on it and make them the center of attention.

Surely, you will find some type of unique shrub, such as bonsai, which is not very common in all houses. The plant-based ornaments should be taken care of, constantly, so that they do not lose their beauty.

But if you do not have the time to do it, you can choose placemats or paintings on the walls with motifs related to the plants of your choice. There are very imposing combinations that can encompass a complete wall.

This design will give you the feeling of being inside a garden or walking through a cool forest. Try to have large windows that provide light and ventilation to the room, keep in mind that the plants need it to survive and complement the environment.

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