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leather sofas at sofology
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Leather Sofas – Yesterday and Today

The leather and in general the skin, are elements that have created controversy in the world of fashion as much of the decoration, many are the detractors of the use of animal skin for decorative purposes and also many professionals are faithful to this element, which includes in many of his designs and buyers who like to purchase articles made with it, in any case, the synthetic skin is greatly improved and has also very beautiful finishes, so that we can all enjoy the beauty of its appearance.

There are different types of leather sofas, we have the model in leather treated to include the color among their properties following the latest trends in decoration, can be any chosen tonality, the feeling of comfort and well-being jumps to the eye, as well as elegance of the whole.
There is also a more classic and sober model made of very natural brown leather with a firm and robust look is ideal for the decoration of a traditional style living room combined with solid wood furniture and other high-quality elements to maintain the aesthetic balance.
We can find these and many other models of armchairs, sofas, and armchairs made of leather of all colors and textures, one for each decorative style, also we can see chairs and puffs upholstered in leather to match with the sofas or choose others with marked finishes differentiated with the intention of creating contrasts.


In favor of leather sofas is also the purely aesthetic question, since they are pieces that tend to become the real protagonists of any room, thanks to both their elaborate designs and the noble finish they usually present. They integrate seamlessly into multiple decorative styles, whether it’s a contemporary or avant-garde living room, a classic or traditional space, an eclectic style room and even an industrial environment. Wherever you put it, they are usually pieces with high probabilities of success.


However, one of the biggest drawbacks to choosing a leather sofa is its price. If we compare the same upholstered model in a different finish or cloth, the price of the leather version can even triple. However, this increase ends up being amortized over the years, thanks to the durability and strength of the leather. Another of its disadvantages is linked to the tactile perception since the natural leather is somewhat cold in winter and hot in summer.
An alternative that can minimize some of the disadvantages of natural leather sofas is to opt for eco-leather upholstery, fabrics that combine crushed natural leather with synthetic fibers such as acrylics or PVC. It is a more economical material than natural skin, although more expensive than synthetic options. The appearance is similar to the authentic one, especially in the case of a type of high-quality eco-leather, since there are different categories. The finish is very well achieved, so much so that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between both options.

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