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Leather Sofa For Small Living Room

would you choose a leather sofa
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The sofa style of a living room can condition, and much, the rest of the space decor. The models upholstered in leather are a very elegant option that we must value conscientiously for its price, so it is necessary that we know the advantages and disadvantages to acquire a piece of these characteristics. Below we review everything that must be taken into account when purchasing a sofa.

When buying a sofa, we must first evaluate our needs in order to choose the part correctly. The most important thing is to take into account the type of upholstery that best suits us: chenille, micropane, cotton, anti-stain fabrics or leather, one of the trends that re-emerge after a few years relegated to rather luxurious environments. If we choose this last option, we must know that there are different skin types, among which stand out:

Aniline skin is one of the most gentle and delicate that can be found on the market. To obtain the silky feel that characterizes them, a very low level of protection is applied to it, therefore, it is an extremely fragile material.

The semianiline leather is in the middle between aniline and pigmented skin. It is treated to protect the leather more effectively but does not look like a synthetic material.

The pigmented skin, one of the most used in upholstery, has a superior treatment, so it slightly loses the texture and natural porosity of the previous options with the aim of providing greater resistance. Its maintenance is much simpler.

Imitation leather is a material composed of a plastic-chemical micro foam layer adhered to a textile layer. The latest innovations in this field have allowed in the last years, this material has improved its quality and appearance, imitating in a very acceptable way the appearance of natural skin.

One of the many advantages of a leather sofa is its durability. A piece of leather, with a civilized use, can remain almost unchanged for a long time, unlike cloth sofas that, even the removable and washable ones, deteriorate and dirty more quickly. As an added, the leather ages with a dignity and category that makes it a distinguished and elegant piece, so the passage of time plays in favor of its aesthetic value. So much so that in the market it is possible to find newly manufactured leather sofas with a forced aging appearance.

Another main advantage of leather sofas is their ease of maintenance and cleaning: it is only necessary to use a rag slightly moistened with non-calcareous water to remove dust that can accumulate in the folds and to clean most stains. For those more resistant, just use a wipe slightly impregnated with moisturizing cream. It will leave you like new, especially if it is a white piece. If you want to give more care to the skin of your sofa, you can also nourish it every 4 or 6 months with a special cream for leather, an excellent habit that will keep your sofa in perfect condition.

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