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Leather Sofa Bed Chesterfield

Leather Sofa Bed Chesterfield
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The Benefits of Having Leather Sofa Beds

In small environments, a sofa bed is a great solution to make the double function of furniture effective. Good to receive visitors and then return to normal, “inventing” a space you do not have.

The mattresses are usually made of foam, polyester or spring (springs); to facilitate its cleaning it is recommended that it be removable.

Types of sofa bed

Traditional sofa or bed: under the structure of the sofa is the bed with folding legs, this type has the advantage that we can leave the bed made while we use the seat during the day.

Extensible: The seat and backrest are one same piece that unfolds horizontally and the legs of the bed appear with sliding.

Removable: the bed is hidden under the appearance of an armchair, just remove the cushions and pull a mechanism to get the transformation.

Accordion: as its name indicates when pulling the sofa opens up becoming a bed.

Futon: the traditional oriental sofa bed, made in layers of wadding and consisting of a simple lacquered or lacquered wooden pallet, which is the base to place the futon or mattress; During the day is a very low youth sofa and at night is a bed at ground level.

Cleanliness is key.

Beyond the type of leather sofa bed, a detail to take into account is its correct cleaning.

It is essential to know in advance the characteristics of the upholstery in order to be able to use the most suitable cleaning products for each type, although in any case, when using some type of neutral solvent or a cleaning chemical, try to act with utmost care and perform a small test on an invisible part of the sofa.

The accumulated dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner and shaking the cushions regularly to return to their normal shape.

With stains it is convenient to act very quickly, to avoid drying.

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