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Learn all the secrets to make a Chesterfield sofa

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Learn all the secrets to make a Chesterfield sofa

Since its inception, more than two centuries ago, more than 300 different models have been obtained, but retaining the detail of the buttons or the capitoné, which is the hallmark of a Chesterfield sofa. All the models that exist, nowadays, have the same structure with a rigid back and pose arms at the height of the back, which gives a correct posture to the person who uses them.

The innovations that have come to the market, consist of the number of positions, since they manufacture them as armchairs and sofas of two or three posts, being able to obtain L-shaped models with more than four seats, different forms in the armrests and the legs; classic models, English or modern, upholstered in leather or velvet and in vibrant colors, which adapt to all tastes and budgets.

To achieve an excellent Chesterfield sofa, it is necessary to have high-quality materials, as they are pieces of incredible durability and remain intact through the years. The secret is to use resistant strings composed of many strands, made with natural fibers, such as jute, coconut, cotton or hemp. These ropes are intertwined and a very strong coating is obtained.

As for the wood, which is the base of the structure, mahogany, beech or birch is used to form a non-deformable framework. This material is transformed into pieces of different sizes and shapes, which when assembled is achieved by assembling the furniture.

To complete the structure you need more than 1000 metal pieces, consisting of hooks, nails and the characteristic buttons. Between each of the layers, jute or sack ribbons are inserted, to assemble the mold. Once all the pieces are assembled and the frame is completed, the frame is filled with foam specially designed for it and it is given firmness with springs joined with ropes, which gives it the necessary tension to not deform.

In the process of upholstery involved very specific materials and tools, such as crayons used by tailors, in order to mark the molds of the arms, backs, seats, etc. Sharp scissors are essential to cut all the necessary material, both leather, and stuffing.

It is also very essential to use a hammer, to effectively embed each of the pieces of metal, those that go inside the structure and those that are placed on the outside, as decoration. With these tools the furniture is coated, using leather with insurmountable characteristics, which will give it a useful life for several years and, in many cases, up to a few centuries.

It is important to point out that the Chesterfield sofas are made by hand, they are made manually, to take care of every detail and give the class and distinction expected by the client. Therefore, each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

Its manufacturers have the experience and wisdom to make each piece of furniture a true work of art, with carefully chosen materials and achieve furniture that has remained in the industry, preserving its style and filling spaces with a touch of elegance and distinction in homes, offices, and institutions.

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