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Know the wing chair dimension and brings sophistication to your home

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Wing chairs are also known as back chairs or wing chairs and have a history that dates back to the 1600s in England. Its structure is unique, a high back with “wings” on the sides of the head and a covered arm rest on the sides. They were created to protect the head and part of the torso, as well as the arms, from the cold air currents. The usual thing was to place them in front of the fireplace where their shape allowed trapping and conserving the heat, for the greater comfort of its occupant.

Despite being a chair that has been reinvented many times, its original design has withstood the test of time. We can get them in innumerable amounts of fabrics, from traditional and classic, to contemporary and daring. The dimensions of wing chairs have also varied a lot, adapting to many styles, but the essence remains. Its design with wings is maintained.

The most traditional wing chairs are curvilinear lines seen from the front or from the sides, from the upper part of the backrest to the lower corner of the armrest. In its beginnings, the most elaborate, had the appearance of a throne, which is why they were the special pieces of the halls of royalty, always sophisticated and elegant. Nowadays the designs follow decoration trends, which allow us to find armchairs inspired by wing chairs, but with a more minimalist or even futuristic design.

A wing chair can be all that needs a space to radically change. They draw attention to themselves and give a touch of originality in a versatile way. Many people, when talking about this type of chairs, think only of the most traditional ones and relate them to the typical “grandfather’s chair” in which it is usual to see him sitting for hours to watch life go by, but nothing further from reality. Furniture designers have worked very hard to adapt this furniture to the modern man and woman.

Both the lines of the chairs, of midcentury modern, transitional, contemporary style, or others, as well as the types of fabric used to upholster them, give distinctive and new airs to each model. A whole universe of fabric colors, some very risky and bold prints came to revolutionize and give much more originality to a piece of furniture of more traditional cut.

The dimensions of the wing chairs are an important factor to take into account when decorating our spaces. For a stay that needs a single forceful piece, we can choose a wider chair and back higher than the one we could place in the dining room, for example, where it would be better to have a lower back and narrow arms and rest that are just under the table, for the comfort of the guests.

If we put it in the room and add a small stool in front to raise the legs, surely we will give a touch of sophistication to the room.

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