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Italian Leather Sofa Manufacturers List

Italian Leather Sofa Manufacturers List
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Top Reasons Why an Italian Leather Sofa is a Timeless Living Room Piece

Regardless of the time of year, our home will always be our sanctuary, and an Italian Leather sofa is usually that place where we can get comfortable and relax to rest from the arduous daily routine. This means that on many occasions we spend long afternoons sitting on the sofa, watching a movie or doing a marathon in a series, talking to friends while having a coffee or simply taking a good refreshing nap.

If you are going to choose an Italian Leather sofa and you wonder about the aspects that you should keep in mind for a correct choice, it is important that you consider that the leather sofa is one of the star pieces of the living room. Not only because of its material or space it occupies, but because it is one of the furniture we use almost daily.

How many people will use the sofa daily? How much does the living room measure? What distribution does the living room have or how would we like to integrate our new sofa in that room? These are the three questions we must ask ourselves at first.

For an Italian Leather sofa to be comfortable we should consider what our preferences are, the most widespread is usually neither too soft nor too hard, but there are seated for all tastes. It is very important that in our leather sofa the filling is of quality since the life of our sofa will depend on this aspect. Also, keep in mind that the backrest should be softer than the seat.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you shop to try an Italian Leather sofa: When you sit down, your hips should not be more sunk on the sofa than your knees. Otherwise, it will cost you to get up.

Try the leather sofa as if you were in your house. Guide yourself to the position in which you usually end up on the sofa, so choose the one that suits you best.

The kidneys must be protected against the back. If you tend to slip down on the sofa, think that there are sofas thinking to correct or adapt this type of postures.

Think about the measurements and design of your living room when choosing the desired shape and size.

To analyze the design we want for our Italian Leather sofa, you have to look at the rest of the room. It is important that you integrate well into it. You can combine different ideas, prints, fabrics, shades, and colors, metal or wood materials, modern style or “vintage”.


As a general rule, thoroughly clean your leather-trimmed parts with the skin cleaner (supplied by the skin manufacturer), at least once every three months, the skins are very absorbent and will require more frequent cleaning if they are in much use, such as a TV room or a living room. After cleaning, apply the moisturizing cream from the cleaning kit to renew the level of protection. There are different types of cleaning kits, depending on the type of skin to be treated.

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