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How to Keep Your Corner Leather Sofa in Top Condition

How to Keep Your Corner Leather Sofa in Top Condition
Written by sofas4u

How to Keep Your Corner Leather Sofa in Top Condition

For many advantages that we can see the fabric upholstery, deciding for a good leather sofa means having a high-end sofa at home, with that touch of distinction that only a noble material like the leather can offer us.

Initial Recommendations

1.-Keep the sofa at a minimum distance of 50cm from any source of heat. Prolonged exposure of the sofa to heat sources will cause the skin to dry more than usual.

2.-Avoid exposing the sofa to direct sunlight. This will cause the skin to lose its color progressively.

3.-Do does not use detergent substances not recommended. They can irreparably damage the upholstery causing cracks and discolorations. It is recommended to use the products for the first time in an invisible part of the sofa.


Every 15 days it is advisable to remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner, using the special utensil for upholstery in the corners where dust can accumulate especially. You can also wipe-without rubbing-a damp cloth with non-calcareous water or a cotton swab moistened with water and neutral soap, well-drained.

Every 6 months it is advisable to carry out a deep cleaning of the leather. To do this uses a product to clean the skin – they can be in any supermarket – followed by a special cream to hydrate and protect it so that the skin regains flexibility. Although there are specific creams for skins and leathers, applying the classic cream “Nivea” homogeneously and extending it well with circular motions can be more than enough. Allow to dry and shine with a soft cloth to remove debris from the nutrient.

Clean the stains

In the event of a stain, cover immediately with absorbent paper, without rubbing, always proceeding from the outside towards the center to prevent the stain from spreading.

For grease stains, use talcum powder in the affected area and let it act for an hour. Then clean the area with a soft bristle brush. Wipe with a cloth dampened with the recommended product.

It is important to make the effort to remove stains as soon as possible, as the stain will always be prevented from penetrating the skin. There are specific products for the cleaning of pen stains, for example, that you should always have on hand.

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