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How to Choose A Leather Sofa and Chair Set

How to Choose A Leather Sofa and Chair Set
Written by sofas4u

The living room is the residence of our home in which we spend more time, in particular, on the sofa. It is the 3rd place where we spend most of our lives, on average each person is 10 years of our life sitting in one of them, so it is very important to keep in mind when buying one. We must evaluate 3 basic factors: aesthetics, comfort, and resistance.

Not only because of the number of hours we can spend sitting in them, but also because their presence determines the aesthetics and habitability of our living room, leather sofas come to represent a decisive factor for the home is synonymous with comfort and style. They will occupy a relative place in the house, space we share in a broader way.

  1. Guide to choosing a leather sofa.

– See the use that will give the sofa and the ideal composition you need (3 + 2 seats, sofa + cheise-longue, corner … and especially in the direction in which it will focus).

– Measure the space you have for your location and how you are going to place it.

– Value the design and visual appearance of your environment.

– Choose the upholstery and watch our videos for information on their comfort and durability (note the height and weight of you, since each sofa can be better for that person).

– Consider the use that will give the sofa, because according to your need you will be better if it is relaxing, extensible, reclining or, well, a sofa with a lot of backgrounds to have a very reclined sitting perfect for lying, since Which is often used for a nice nap.

  1. Note the layout and placement.

The first thing to decide is where you place it depends on the layout of the room: whether it will be attached to the wall, whether it will serve as a change of environment, etc … For a small room, space can be better utilized by placing the sofas in L and Leaning against the wall; On the contrary, if it is a bigger space, you can place a corner or U-shaped, we can also opt for combinations such as sofa + armchairs or armchairs.

  1. Calculate the length required.

Deciding the shape and capacity of the sofa will depend on the space with which it is counted. To determine the length of the sofa, measure the space available and think about the layout of the room, which has space to move, place tables, chairs, decoration, etc …

  1. Choose the style.


The style or design of the leather sofa that you choose, must be adapted to the decoration of the room, place or space in which you will have it. Depending on the style of decoration that predominates in your home, you can choose the design, comfort, colors, etc … of the sofa according to the environment.

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