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How to buy sofas online in the UK

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Nobody doubts at this point that buying jeans without seeing them, without touching them and without trying them on is perfectly feasible. But what if instead of a pair of pants we talk about a table for the dining room or a sofa? Then, the price rises at the same pace as doubts grow and the inability to see in person what we are going to buy – to touch the wood to check if it is resistant or to sit on the sofa to make sure it is comfortable – becomes for many an insurmountable obstacle.

Despite this barrier, the supply of furniture online is increasingly overwhelming. The objective, now, is not only to sell but also to advise and inspire the client and even giants that seemed to resist, have ended up giving in.

The key is in the description

Read the description of the product is an obligation for any online buyer, but in the case of furniture can make the difference between success and failure. Is the sofa chaise on the left or on the right?? Think of the immediate moment to receive the furniture, but also in the future life you will have once you get home. The road is full of small traps, so researching and doing a preliminary search on the key features of each piece we want to buy can save us a few disappointments

There will never be enough photos

The color, the shape, the finish … are characteristics that we will have to analyze through a screen. Others, such as the comfort of a sofa, will simply be impossible to verify. The photos are the showcase of online stores, so it is important that we have several images of the product we want to buy, preferably general, detail and some with surrounding elements that serve as a reference to check the dimensions.

Measure, measure, and re-measure

Essential for any visit to a furniture store, but even more so if we intend to do it from behind the screen. It is not enough to calculate by eye if that bed that is so well priced will fit well into the bedroom. You have to take out the tape measure and apply it thoroughly. In addition to the obvious measures – height, width, and depth – you also have to calculate, for example, the distance that will remain between the rest of the furniture we have. A trick not to make mistakes is to mark the dimensions of the piece of furniture with painter’s tape on the floor: it will give us an exact idea of ​​what we should expect once it arrives home.


When placing an order you can choose between the following forms of payment:

  • Payment Funded: You can easily finance the total amount of your purchase up to 6 months without interest or from 9 to 48 months with interest.
  • Payment by Card: You can pay the total amount of your purchase by paying by credit card.
  • Payment by Transfer: The payment by transfer must be made effective. During the order process, you must select the Bank transfer option.
  • Payment against reimbursement: In sofas and armchairs you must make a delivery on an account by transfer/deposit or card. In this way, you will get more convenient payment.

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