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How do I restore a Chesterfield sofa?

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How do I restore a Chesterfield sofa?

The center of attention of a home is the living room since that is where people begin to know the home and have an image of what the house would be like in its entirety, the state of the door and its color, the color of the walls, the decoration, the adornments, the disposition of the buildings with which you decided to decorate your room, will be the contributing factors to give a conclusion of your lifestyle and how your house looks; If it is a total zoo or if it is a warm place for comfortable stay. Now, if your home has a detailed aesthetic and your Chester sofa cannot hide it with a furniture cover, has springs on the outside, its upholstery is damaged and to top it all you do not have the money to buy a new one, it’s time to take your tools, buy your materials and get to work.

The wonder of these elegant and useful properties is that you can take care of any damage or stain that suffers this, regardless of its material (leather, suede, cloth) you can go to a home store and get everything you need to take care of making your couch look like new from the most awkward spot to the most serious tear not only can you repair it, you can also prevent it.

To prevent and/or care:

You have many options and alternatives, you can have your furniture looking as if they were new direct from a store, remember that the aesthetics of your living room depends in a large percentage of your sofas, therefore, these have to be the main attraction and image of your style and taste.

Spot on the leather or fabric sofa? , well, remain calm, analyze the crime scene well, take a napkin or kitchen towel and put it on the stain, leave it for a few moments the liquid, remove it and if the stain persists apply salt or bicarbonate on the stain and carefully soak a handkerchief in warm water, apply it on the stain from the outside inwards so that in case the stain does not disappear, it is difficult to distinguish, it is essential that you act on the stain quickly. In case you have cleaning products to solve the problem go for them and apply them immediately, it is advisable to let dry the area where the accident occurred naturally to avoid unwanted results.

If you have pets, take care to be aware that they do not do their needs on the sofa, since both the smell and the stain left by these wastes are difficult to treat. In case of having children, be aware of their activities near the sofa since we would not want crayon scratches in this expensive property.

To keep a Chester or leather sofa shiny and glossy, it is recommended to empirically and popularly remove layers of dust to prevent staining, it is also recommended to apply a handkerchief with Vaseline or mayonnaise, wait for a while and then with a cloth and warm water what we apply.

To repair the upholstery of a sofa or restore it, it is recommended to seek the help of an expert, but if you seek to repair it yourself you can find a variety of tutorials on the Internet on how to do it.

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