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When we go to choose a sofa there are important factors to consider, it must be comfortable and resistant, but it must also have a harmony with the decoration, the shape, the size of the environment and the style. Elementally, the sofa is one of the most important furniture in the home. At present in the market, there are easily many types of sofas with different shapes, sizes, and colors so we must select the one that meets the indispensable requirements so that it is part of the family. The sofas in L are ideal for large and square rooms, the perfect option to locate an L-shaped sofa or perhaps two sofas in perpendicular, so that simulates the shape of an L, Ideally one of the armchairs has a space more than the other, depending on the space (3 spaces + 2 spaces) This type of sofa is suitable for large families.

The corner sofas take full advantage of the small rooms, promising multiple seats without losing space, since they adapt easily to the corners, giving the angle formed by the corners, they are also good for large families. On the other hand, modular sofas are successful for small or irregular rooms, they are divided into pieces that can be organized to taste and removed when convenient, they have many types, puff, without arms, with arms, among others.

There is a variety of endless sofas in the market, surely there is one that suits your basic needs, there are also armchairs designed for people with special needs as in the case of the lift sofa, it is named for its peculiarity of lifting the user that is felt in it, was designed for people with mobility or disability problems, but do not believe this chair has a lot of demand in older people who want to sit and enjoy and then be able to lift without much effort. As you expect, as the name tells you, this chair helps the user to stand upright avoiding unnecessary pain and inconvenience.

The ergonomic sofas are also an option for people with mobility problems, and to prevent these mobility problems, they have the possibility of reclining and their height can be adjusted, their seats are extendable to adapt them to our need of what we are doing at that moment, whether it be eating, sleeping, talking, etc., you can get them in different designs so that you do not lose the harmony of your interior design, we also bring you, the sofa-type sofa, is useful for small rooms or as a complement if you need extra space. The Chaise Longue or long chair, has an extension to support your legs, and have them completely stretched, can be individual can also serve to complement a piece of furniture as an auxiliary, is an excellent option for regular or small rooms and have a modern style which is very convenient.

Chester or Chesterfield sofa, classic English, with curved arms backing under and a beautiful capitoné upholstery, was created in the 19th century for the exclusive clubs of the society and was believed a symbol of prestige and luxury, at present they are very common in classic and luxury decorations, you have endless options, it’s time to choose your style for this season!


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