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Gray Carpet Living Room

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The most used colors in modern design are the neutrals

Interior design has evolved a lot with the passing of time. The human being has developed much more interest in the organization of his home, his offices, his company or any other property in which a design can be included. And as technology advances, trends do as well. What used to be based on the typical brown wood, so homely, became white wood cabinets and glass tables.

The current design differs a lot from what it used to be; as cities have increased in size and scope, the trend of the elegant, the glamorous and the modern has been seen. And this is due to the example given by the big buildings, the important hotels, the most recognized companies with large windows, glass and bright floor.

The colors implemented in modern design are mostly neutral, basic colors, such as white, black and gray. These colors express purity, cleanliness and simplicity, normally preferred by those who show passion for minimalist design. Despite this, it should be noted that not in all cases, but still existing, is the use of one or two strong, bright or vivid colors so as not to make the place dull or opaque.

This is the basic trend of black or brown leather sofas, a living room with gray carpet where you tend to prefer that it has a soft, quilted or at least pleasant texture when stepped on. Without missing the dark wood desk, but it is completely black or glass, as you prefer; and the almost fixed: air conditioning.

How many air conditioners can the same room have? How many carpets, how many sofas? The possibilities are endless, and you can always include in your home a living room with gray carpet and place your feet there while reading a book or talking to a friend, have a tea or sit watching television, even surfing the internet.

It is important to take advantage of the spaces to the fullest. You cannot choose a sofa for five people if the area does not allow you to abuse a bit of furniture sizes. The area must have the basics and what it considers priority; Try not to overload with many ornaments, shelves or furniture. This would reduce comfort, chance to step or simply take away that aura that has the living room as a relaxation area. The large window or the large number of small windows have always been very common, there is a preference for natural light during the day and white lights during the night.

Something curious in all cultures is that without realizing it, we are followers of art, more specifically of painting. Or at least, we like to decorate our living rooms with several framed paintings that reflect a beach, or a city, a figure related to our religion, and even the typical inn with fruits clustered in the center. Normally something with that feeling usually transmits and demonstrates a bit of our sensibility in a painting hanging on the wall.

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