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Determining which sofa you are going to buy can be a bit complicated because we look at so many details to make sure it is tailored to us, sometimes this makes it a very difficult mission, soft or hard, or very soft or very hard, and we continue without finding the one we like, color, fabric, measure, will it combine with the environment?

If what you need from your sofa are comfort and relaxation, this is for you, the reclining chair is formidable, as its name says, it reclines allowing you to relax your back in a position of up to 160º, that is, you can lie down practically on your sofa, ideal to take naps, are you looking for more comfort? Try a massage chair, forget about the masseuses, let your chair gives you a professional massage in a few minutes in your own home, and if you want to share that with your family, there is also a massager sofa with several seats or stalls, they do not have to take turns or stand in line, just take a seat and enjoy with the family, you can choose the area, the intensity, and much more.

There is also a relaxation sofa that comes with a pouf where you can rest your feet, ideal for a night after hard work or resting watching TV. The poufs are other cool and modern sofas is super versatile and useful come in various colors and textures so you decorate your interiors in the best possible way, its lightness allows you to place it anywhere in your home. If you like adventures, the zero gravity chair is for you! Let’s adopt the position that astronauts have in space was originally designed by NASA, the best thing is that it promotes circulation and relaxation. Also, we have the long chairs or chaise longue, the extension of this sofa allows you to rest your legs and rest without lying down completely, ideal for reading a book or receiving therapy. The couch similar to the long armchairs gives us the experience of lying down and relaxing and even sleeping in it.

Who did not used to cuddle with their grandmother in the rocking chair? These armchairs swing like a swing, giving a great level of relaxation to the user, in turn, there are club chairs to relax, get to your home and comfort you in a soft armchair is a wonder, if you work at home, a sofa Ergonomic is the best for you, with support for your back, arms and legs, it is ideal for working from home, since you usually spend many hours at the desk sitting on the chair. Another sofa option is the rattan of the dining room, it is a comfortable, economical and very modern design, it is woven with rattan fibers is an eco-friendly and fun option for your spaces.

The wingchair to talk with a variety of traditional styles of colors, fabrics, fashions, ornaments, and leathers, is ideal to snuggle up and enjoy a good conversation after a meal, the particulars of the wing chair is that it wraps you with your “Wings” and makes it a very warm and comfortable type of sofa, it is recognized by its classic appearance and the best thing is that it combines with most decoration styles. We have modular sofas, this makes them very successful for spaces of irregular shape or small, are divided by pieces that are placed to taste or convenience in the living and can be removed or modified when convenient, the modules come in different types. Learn to decorate your living room by choosing the best style for your dreamed sofa.


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