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The sofas are furniture with more history, utility, and roots in families. They have their beginnings in the thrones of the monarchs of antiquity, leaning the idea that his comfort was reserved for a few privileged. This reflects two things, the little consideration that came to be for less wealthy people. And second, the high value which was assigned to its attributes by the richest. Attributes which not only pass through comfort. The aesthetic, beauty and decoration characteristics have always been present. Setting a room has been for centuries a very well done task.

Comfort does not just go through the body’s posture or momentary relaxation when sitting or lying down. It is also seen in the environment which surrounds people where they live. How they live. It was not until the industrial revolution that sofas began to reach common households. Mass production skyrocketed. With it, the setting and interior decoration ceased to be a matter of elites. From that moment, every person with a house had a sofa. This led to the diversification of designs, emerging thus the different types of furniture. Individual, great of different sizes of colors, of different fabrics, prints of everything.

So much impact on the production and consumption of sofas, now it is normal for people to change them periodically, redefining the style to their homes, giving new appearances to their homes. Setting the rooms inside the house to differentiate them from each other with this, the houses, the apartments acquire a character own identity. Likewise, from this, each member of the family is assigned to a room which has to be stylized in accordance with each person. The home acquires the personality of a whole family; it serves as a common site. The sofa becomes that element which everyone uses. Which everyone enjoys which gets something of each person’s personality. At the same time, reflecting a whole landscape of faces, the faces of those who inhabit the home.

Similarly, in a living room, there can be more than one sofa; it is played with sizes and colors. It combines. Depending on its provisions, its use, its location is intended. Normally, a set of sofas is what gives character to a living room. Be it family or, even, in a more solitary home. The complexities that are assigned and acquired by the sofas are projected in many actions as it is to get rid of them. Change them at the time of replacing the sofas it is customary to donate them (when they still have remaining life). This has become true recycling in modern society. So much so that there are decorative trends in which the materials used to prevail. Old sofas retain their charm. And what’s more, the people consign it, maybe because of resignation and economy or maybe by simple aesthetic inclination.

Sometimes finding used sofas is a true treasure hunt for some. Not only for thrifty reasons it looks attractive to add peculiarity to a site or simply to evoke past eras which, by the way, in recent times have been a great force in the trends, affecting even the economy.

Not only do they retain some of their charms but they win grace, fascinating enthusiasts of all kinds. Decorators worldwide follow these preferences and exploit them, empowering this cult to the old sofas which end up comforting generations after generations.


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