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We can all agree on how essential it is to have a coffee table, besides being a decorative element for the living room, it is very useful to place the things we like to have on hand when we relax on the sofa (books, magazines, the lenses, the control of the TV) and of course it is the ideal place to have coffee alone or with family and friends.

Being the focal point of the room and the piece around which the rest of the furniture orbits, it is important to choose a coffee table that perfectly suits our needs, both in terms of space and comfort and style.

There are plenty of options to choose from in the world of coffee tables, elaborated in very diverse materials and in the infinity of forms, sizes, and designs. If we had to put that entire universe into categories, we could say that basically there are two models, according to their functionality. There is the classic, where you can place things above or below and others (increasingly popular) that have storage space and allow you to save a lot of things, very useful to keep the room tidy and balanced without effort.

With regard to materials, wood is still the favorite of many because it is a very noble material that gives immediate warmth to any space, but glass, polypropylene, and even metal have also gained their space. They can be of a single material or in a combination of several to enhance the originality and style.

The most traditional forms are square, rectangular and round, each with different benefits, but to adapt to more modern and risky decorations there are also in diamonds, hearts, and even puzzle pieces. Creativity is what sets the tone.

One of the fundamental elements to take into account when buying a coffee table is the space available. If you are lucky and have a large room, it will be easier to play with the shapes and designs. You will be better off with large tables and with personality, such as those made with solid wood, for example, and with a rectangular shape that brings symmetry and elegance to the whole.

If on the other hand, the meters are scarce you can opt for a round coffee table and if you have much better storage. Another useful option is to place a transparent glass table that will look very light visually, also if you have a nice rug whose pattern you do not want to hide, this is the option for you.

Nest tables are also ideal for small spaces because you can move them easily and can serve as auxiliary tables next to the sofa when you need to gain space in the center of the room. On the other hand, the adjustable size tables are also excellent because they allow you to improvise a dining area simply by modifying the height of it.

If you are in the UK, specifically in Glasgow you can buy your coffee table in Gumtree, a popular classified ads website where they have a wide range of furniture. Sure you find the ideal table for you.

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