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Do you want to redecorate your house? Do not you know where to start? Why not start with the room? Being the common area is where the family spends more time together, surprise your loved ones redecorate your living room and buy a new sofa cloth. Why are cloth sofas the best choice? You can always change the upholstery when the fashion passes or it is very worn and instantly it will be a new sofa.

This year will be to experiment with patterns and prints, there will be an increase in revolutionary and eclectic interiors willing to demonstrate a clear willingness to play with prints and textures, we will distance ourselves from using only the color and pattern, instead we will see the use of mixtures and contrast of floral designs, geometric figures, and stripes. All of them together with the purpose of achieving an environment with visual impact, accompanied by textures, colors and countless figures that will capture the attention of your guests.

The designs of the tribal prints for the sofas come from an ethnic origin in a world-wide way, and in spite of being in their majority very similar. One by one the tribals were created by ancient civilizations from all continents. We can even combine them to create an incomparable style. You can also choose a sofa decorated with Chevrons and stripes zigzag print. Although Far from being a new trend, has returned to resume in recent years, does not go out of style.

If that is not for you, you can go to botanical prints and large flowers. Botanicals, since they will include more plants, not just flowers, as was the trend in previous seasons, are the best for the sofa and cushions, giving a cool and chic style, combinable with the rest of your environment.

If you are traditional, we bring to you the sofas with plaid prints, they are without a doubt a classic in the community, and this year they are also being used to be a retro fashion that can be used in many styles of decoration. If Scottish paintings are your thing there are many ways to adapt it to your style.

If the patterns do not make you dizzy, this design is for you, quilted patterned sofas are ideal for rooms and rooms of the 21st century, originated in the medieval culture of Europe and its roots come from Ireland, it was inspired by the clover of four leaves and it was believed that these had or attracted good fortune.

If the sea and the coast fascinate you this design you will love the Greek pattern is super fun has a certain inclination navy or coastal air, this Greek print in white and deep blue may be the best option to decorate your dream environment. You can also combine cushions, curtains and more. The stripes are also another classic or retro that continues in trend this year for the fabric of the sofas.

Are you looking for something more sophisticated? The Aubusson refers to the tapestries and special sofa embroideries that were made by the Aubusson factory in France in the Renaissance, this style triumphed in the world of decoration and even today finds a space in the most sophisticated homes. We invite you to find the best style for your home and transform your environment.


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